Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ontario Libertarian Party | The Party of Choice - "See our 51 Candidates"

Ontario Libertarian Party | The Party of Choice: - "See our 51 Candidates" 

"Libertarians are on the ballot in 51 Electoral Districts (yes, FIFTY-ONE!). This is more than double the number we had in the 2007 General Election. Congratulations to all of them. Check for our candidate in your riding on our Candidates' pages." <http://libertarian.on.ca/candidates>.

"Some of the candidates have not updated their page yet, however every candidate has a "Contact me" link at the end of their page if you want to send [...] an email."

See the list here."

from: http://www.libertarian.on.ca/news/see-our-51-candidates
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  1. Quite an accomplishment! I'm excited :)