Friday, June 21, 2013

GOP changes election laws to keep Libertarians, Greens off ballot in Arizona

Election-law change aims to block Libertarian, Green Party candidates - Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services, Arizona Star:

"Contending one and maybe two congressional races were stolen from them, Republican legislators have approved and Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a measure to finesse election laws to keep out the Libertarians who they say are taking votes from their candidates.

"The change, tucked into a much larger set of revisions to election laws, would sharply increase the number of signatures that Libertarian and Green Party candidates need to get on the ballot for their own legislative and congressional primaries.

"Barry Hess, the Libertarian Party's former candidate for governor, said in most cases the number of signatures required is far more than the number of people actually registered in most districts. He said unless these minor parties could find independents willing to help them get on the ballot, it would create an 'insurmountable obstacle' to any minor party candidate getting nominated, much less being on the general election ballot.

"But Rep. J.D. Mesnard, R-Chandler, admitted publicly that's precisely the purpose of the change. And the real goal is creating an easier path for GOP candidates to win."

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