Thursday, December 25, 2014

Have an anarchist Christmas

An Anarchist Christmas » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names - Grant Mincey:

December 25, 2014 - "As we reflect on this year of violence, imagine alternatives and act for social change perhaps we may revisit an age-old political ideology as liberating, co-operative and peaceful as it is misunderstood. The rich political tradition to which I refer is anarchism....

"Anarchic practitioners advocate highly ordered societies rooted in the principles of free association, mutual aid and cooperative labor.... This libertarian idea is deeply ingrained in the human spirit....

"Liberty is not a doctrine, but rather a praxis innate to human thought and action — the underlying principle being that one should always challenge authority and dismantle unjustifiable concentrations of power. The result is a more libertarian relationship between people and their institutions. Anarchism is thus a human phenomenon.

"When feminist movements organize for women’s agency over their own bodies and life without fear of violence we see anarchism.

"We see anarchism in Mexico as the population seeks liberation from violent drug cartels, complacent government and oppressive state policies.

"We see anarchism in prisons as inmates band together in these dehumanizing institutions to demand living conditions free of violence and sexual battery.

"We see anarchism in war-torn regions of the world where individuals risk their lives to save innocent victims of the drone strikes and barrel bombs of oppressive regimes.

"We see anarchism in towns and neighborhoods challenging the monopoly of violence held by the police.

"We see anarchism in movements that seek the protection of wilderness areas and native lands from the clutches of extractive industries and the iron fist of capital.

"We find anarchism in the new technology and falling communications costs that allow all of us to craft markets and labor together free of regulatory restriction.

"We see anarchism in our everyday social interactions — telling our family and friends we love them and being kind to strangers.

"These are but a few examples. Anarchism is everywhere."

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