Saturday, February 28, 2015

. . . and neither is Stephen Harper

Today’s letters: Stephen Harper is no libertarian | National Post - John Shaw:

February 28 2015 - "Re: Tories Vs. Tories, Michael Den Tandt, Feb. 27:
"As a libertarian, I sprayed my cereal over much of the kitchen this morning when I read Michael Den Tandt’s statement, 'this PM has long been a libertarian.'

"Stephen Harper is a prime minister who has strongly increased spending each and every year, save 2010 (the printing presses and helicopters broke after his Keynesian splurge). This is the PM who on war, drugs, prostitution, civil liberties, free speech, the role of the Constitution and the Supreme Court of Canada, and virtually every piece of legislation, has consistently taken authoritarian positions and increasingly so since he gained a majority.

"In a significant keynote address to the Manning Institute several years ago, Mr. Harper dedicated much of his speech to his position on the libertarian idea. In summary, it was dangerously naive and people who supported it had no place in 'his party.'

John Shaw, Newmarket, Ont."
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