Thursday, March 19, 2015

Greenpeace invents COI rule to attack scientist

In Defense of Dr. Willie Soon from Politically Motivated Attacks | Heartland Institute - James M. Taylor:

March 4, 2015 - "Dr. Wei-Hock Soon is a first-generation American who stands out in the predominantly white male world of climate science research. Not afraid to challenge the orthodox establishment, Dr. Soon (known to friends and colleagues as “Willie”) has published powerful scientific evidence that the Earth’s climate is not very sensitive to changes in carbon dioxide concentrations.

"After publication of his most recent coauthored paper in China’s leading journal of scientific research, the peer-reviewed Science Bulletin, published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Natural Science Foundation of China, environmental and partisan activist groups such as Greenpeace and have attempted to smear Dr. Soon and his coauthors. These groups claim Dr. Soon violated academic ethics by failing disclose to the Science Bulletin some prior funding grants that might pose conflicts of interest....

"Contrary to media reports, the grants from 'energy interests' used to support Dr. Soon’s research were solicited and received by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, not by Dr. Soon himself.... Dr. Soon’s critics ... have presented no facts or evidence to show the Smithsonian was acting dishonestly in approving Dr. Soon’s grants or that the process used to approve those grants deviated from the policies it used to approve grants supporting the work of other scientists... .

"Objective evidence shows 'fossil fuel interests' fund many different research programs and institutions that have weighed in on all sides of the global warming debate.... Exxon-Mobil donated $100 million to support Stanford University climate research. General Electric also funds Stanford University climate research.... Similarly, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation donated $150,000 to Berkeley Earth, a project run by Richard Mueller, a climate scientist who argues that humans are causing substantial global warming.... Large 'fossil fuel' companies also give sizeable donations to activist groups who adamantly support carbon dioxide restrictions....

"Few if any scientists working for universities and other research organizations receiving funding from 'fossil fuel interests' report the grants to the editors of scholarly journals when they submit subsequent and unrelated articles for publication. Such prior grants almost never appear in 'acknowledgements' of subsequent and unrelated published articles....

"Accordingly, the standard for disclosure proposed by Greenpeace, and which the media has widely condemned Dr. Soon for 'violating,' in fact is a new and unprecedented standard that few if any scientists, journal editors, or university administrators have ever applied. Worse, Greenpeace is calling for it to be applied retroactively and selectively, against a single scholar whose views happen to be at odds with Greenpeace’s declared views on a controversial topic.

"There is no logical justification for arguing Dr. Soon should have been aware that such a new standard would be invented and applied to him alone. Without such logical justification, it is preposterous to claim Dr. Soon violated ethical guidelines."

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