Thursday, October 15, 2015

Libertarian runs to have someone to vote for

McFadzean striving for liberty and prosperity in Canada | Federal Election | Bonnyville Nouvelle - Kristen Oelschlagel:

September 28, 2015 - "The Libertarian party will be on the ballot in the Lakeland riding for the 2015 federal election, with Robert McFadzean stepping forward to be the local candidate....

"McFadzean's main message for his campaign is minimizing the government, especially when it comes to conducting business.... 'My main focus is to put forward the idea that rather than use government to run enterprises, we should turn to free enterprises and free markets,' said McFadzean.

"The Libertarian nominee spent 23 years teaching economics and financial management in the agriculture department at Lakeland College. A Vermillion resident for over 30 years, McFadzean prides himself on being actively involved in his community through groups like his church, the scouts, the local music festival and the choir.

"After being associated with the Libertarian party for a number of years, he decided it was time for people in the Lakeland to have a Libertarian in the ballot. 'The reason I want to run is that for many years now I've been very disappointed in politics in general, so I thought in order to have somebody to vote for I'd have to run myself.'

"As a Libertarian McFadzean explained that his campaign is not so much about what he can do for the constituency, but about fighting for liberty for everyone in the country. 'What I'm focusing on is encouraging people to change their way of looking at politics. Politics is how we get along with each other and most of us, in our private lives, respect other people's choices and property and I think government should do the same.'

"Admittedly, McFadzean said he's aware that the Libertarian party isn't likely to gain many seats in the House of Commons. 'I don't think I'd have a lot of power in parliament but I would promote liberty, promote free market, government cutting back on taxation regulation and I would try my best to influence the government in that regard.'"

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