Tuesday, January 5, 2016

7 overlooked points about Oregon standoff

7 Crucial Elements Of The #OregonUnderAttack Narrative That Go Overlooked - The Libertarian Republic - Andrew Follett:

"A militia protesting against the Bureau of Land Management seized an unoccupied building in a remote Oregon wildlife refuge over the weekend, prompting massive social media backlash and panicky headlines alleging that the militia were terrorists.... Details like BLM’s mismanagement of land and the long history of quarrels between ranchers and feds almost went unnoticed.

"So we collated the top 7 crucial elements that the narrative overlooked.

1: Nobody Has Been Killed, Hurt, Or Harmed In Any Way

"The protesters in Oregon occupied an empty building in a wildlife refuge that was closed for the holidays and far from any population center. Nobody has been killed or harmed in any way at this point.

2: If The Militia Are Terrorists, Eric Holder And Most Political Protesters Are Also Terrorists

"The problem is that this incredibly low standard makes essentially all political protests terrorism.

"By the standards the media seeks to apply, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is a terrorist for participating in a 1970 armed takeover of former Columbia University Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) office.... This definition would make BlackLivesMatter, Greenpeace, and most student activist groups terrorists. BlackLivesMatter participated in “acts dangerous to human life” when they stopped traffic in Seattle. Greenpeace did the same when they hung off a bridge in Portland to stop an icebreaker from leaving the harbor. Student groups regularly occupy buildings.

3: The Federal Government Owns A Lot Of The West, Which Increases Tensions With Locals

"Close to half of the western United States is owned by the federal government through agencies like the Bureau Of Land Management.... Calls to return federal land in the West to state government management are nearly constant, particularly from ranchers, and the legal case for doing so is strong. At the beginning of statehood, the federal government promised all states that it would give them public lands within their borders. The U.S. Supreme Court has called these promises 'solemn compacts,' 'bilateral (two-way) agreements,' and 'solemn trusts' that must be performed 'in a timely fashion.'

4: The Bureau Of Land Management Is Horrible At Managing Land

"The militia says they are protesting Bureau of Land Management (BLM) control over federal lands, which has pushed out people who use the land for work and recreation. The agency is generally agreed to do a very poor job of managing the land. The BLM puts severe restrictions on natural resource development, tends to be a very poor land steward, places strict limitations on access, and doesn’t make much money off the land it manages....

"To make matters worse, BLM agency officials often view the ranchers as freeloaders and their livestock as invasive species which damage the habitat for native fish and wildlife, according to the libertarian Cato Institute.

5: There’s No Evidence Race Has Anything To Do With The Federal Response

"Left wing personalities and media outlets have stated that 'if the Oregon militiamen were Muslim or black, they’d probably be dead by now.' [Yet] activists associated with BlackLivesMatter occupied a St. Louis police department in December of 2014. Native American activists occupied federal property on Alcatraz Island after the prison closed for nearly 19 months without a federal response. Student activists regularly occupy building at state schools....

6: The Militia Has Repeatedly Said They’re Not Going To Get Violent

7: Obama Is Using The Panic To Implement Gun Control By Executive Order

Read more: http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/7-crucial-elements-of-the-oregonunderattack-narrative-that-go-overlooked/
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