Saturday, July 9, 2016

More Republicans turning to Libertarian Party

Meet the Republicans that Trump has turned Libertarian - - Story Hinckley, Christian Science Monitor:

June 22, 2016 -"The number of Republicans turning to the Libertarian Party rather than vote for Donald Trump are small. But they're growing, and for the party – and perhaps the race – they're significant.

"Robert Bentley, a history and political science professor from Colorado, says he has always been a libertarian at heart. 'But I officially changed my party from Republican [to Libertarian] back in February.'

"'We can no longer be Republicans. [Mr. Trump] sparked the exodus of me and others away from the party,' adds Professor Bentley. 'I thought I may as well go ahead and register with [the Libertarians] now'....

"In a CNN poll last week, one-third of undecided voters said they would choose Libertarian nominee [Gary] Johnson over Mrs. Clinton or Trump. Some 9 percent of voters said they would choose Johnson if he was featured on a four-way ticket with Clinton, Trump, and Jill Stein of the Green Party....

"Nationwide, the 5,000 new members since January represent a historic number, says Wes Benedict, executive director of the Libertarian Party. In Massachusetts, the state party has seen a three-fold increase in donations and a four-fold increase in volunteers, also breaking previous records, says state chairman George Phillies....

“'I got one of those quizzes on social media that said, "We’ll tell you who to vote for" back in 2012. And I talked to a lot of people, both Republicans and Democrats, and we all got the same answer: Gary Johnson is your guy,' says Bryan Stone, a radio talk show host from Tennessee. 'Now I’m going back to that poll four years ago. These are the two worst candidates in the history of American politics – [Johnson] seems like the most logical avenue'....

"'I was a Republican all my life, but the last three to four years I started leaning toward Libertarian. And this election cycle has really pushed me over the edge,' adds Brett Hamilton, a construction worker from Texas.

"Speaking of the people he works with, he adds, 'For whatever reason, they just don’t like Donald Trump and they’ll be damned if they vote for Hillary.'

“'A lot of people are taking a look at the Libertarian party because they don’t like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,' says Mr. Benedict.... 'But once they come here and see what we’re about, they like what they see. It will take a year or two to find out if they’ll stay, but people see us and say "Hey, that’s what I am: fiscally conservative and socially tolerant.”'

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