Friday, December 23, 2016

Ohio Libertarians sue (again) for party status

Libertarians sue Husted, demand Ohio recognize them as political party | The Columbus Dispatch - Randy Ludlow:

December 22, 2016 - "The Libertarian Party of Ohio is suing Secretary of State Jon Husted, alleging his office is illegally refusing to acknowledge it is a recognized political party.

"In a lawsuit filed with the Ohio Supreme Court, five party activists claim that Husted improperly refused after the Nov. 8 election to certify the Libertarian Party.

"Since the party's presidential ticket, led by former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, received 3.17 percent of the vote, it exceeded the 3-percent threshold required to be recognized as a party, the lawsuit states.

"The ticket appeared on the ballot without a Libertarian Party designation because the party had been stripped of its status as officially recognized.

"In a Dec. 6 letter, Husted's office wrote that Johnson appeared on the ballot as an independent, and not a Libertarian, so the party had not received the 3-percent of the vote to regain certification, the lawsuit said....

"'Once again, the Republicans who control state government are risking taxpayer dollars to limit their voting choice,' said Scott Pettigrew, a nominating committee member and chairman of the Libertarian Party of Ohio Executive Committee. 'We're asking the court to compel Secretary Husted to do his job, no more and no less.'

"Joshua Eck, spokesman for Husted, said in a statement: 'There’s a clear path for establishing a political party in this state -- a process that has already been upheld by the courts and used by others. These laws exist not to deter or limit access to the ballot, but to ensure a level playing field for all.""

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