Friday, April 28, 2017

Bradshaw wants BC voters to have more options (video)

Kamloops-South Thompson candidate profile: Jessica Bradshaw (Libertarian) - Kamloops This Week - Cam Fortems:

April 24, 2017 -"Jessica Bradshaw was looking for something a little different on the ballot for the May 9 provincial election.... 'I want people to have another option,' said the Libertarian candidate in Kamloops-South Thompson. 'I [was] looking for one and couldn’t find it. So I became one'....

"She is joining a long list of Libertarian candidates across B.C. The party is running a candidate in nearly half of B.C.’s 87 ridings. It pledges to repeal the carbon tax, bring in school vouchers to let parents take children to private or public school and allow private medical care — stripping away many of the rules and regulations of living in B.C. The party would allow private competition to agencies including BC Hydro, ICBC and WorksafeBC.

"''It’s not like I don’t like rules,' she said. 'It’s just regulations and rules government sets out have done more damage than benefit. It’s overregulation that causes issues with people.'

"The party also advocates for decriminalization of drug use. 'I think the illegality of it forces a lot of addicts to the point where they’re getting fentanyl. If it were decriminalized or legalized it would bring up the safety factor. It puts them at less risk'.....

"Bradshaw said she is largely a one-woman campaign at this point.... 'I’m going it alone. Other people have campaign teams and I’m just doing it myself.'"

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