Friday, August 4, 2017

57% think legalizing cannabis will benefit society

Make America Great Again by Legalizing Weed, Majority of Voters Say - Janice Williams, Newsweek: 

August 3, 2017 - "U.S. voters have an idea of what might actually improve society and make America great again: legalizing weed.

"A Harvard-Harris Poll survey released Monday found a majority of voters — some 57 percent — thought making marijuana legal across all 50 states would make society better, and 69 percent of people said they wouldn’t be bothered by pot being legal in their state....

"Only 37 percent of Americans said cannabis should be legalized only for medical purposes, while 49 percent of voters said marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational use. Meanwhile, only 14 percent of voters said marijuana should be completely illegal....

"'Voters point to drugs as the major source of crime and support tough sentences for drug dealers but view marijuana in a wholly different light,' Harvard-Harris Poll co-director Mark Penn said in a statement. 'Most think legalization of marijuana would probably be helpful in reducing crime, and almost half support legalization.'

"Even if marijuana is illegal, 72 percent said people caught possessing small amounts of pot shouldn’t be prosecuted or face jail time because of it....

"The Harvard-Harris Poll survey was conducted between July 19 and 24 and involved 2,051 registered voters."

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