Sunday, December 24, 2017

GDPA wishes you a Happy Federal Holiday

More Christmas madness: Prof wants 'Merry Christmas' scrubbed, decorations called unsafe - The College Fix - Jennifer Kabbany:

December 23, 2015 - "University of Central Florida [UCF] professor Terri Fine suggested to her campus recently that they should stop saying 'Merry Christmas,' and instead use the more inclusive 'Happy Federal Holiday.'

"'A Holiday Greeting That Applies to Everyone' was the title of a column she penned for UCF Today that argued her idea was the best way to assure no one was offended in any way, shape or form in December.
[Because the U.S. government in some cases and the state government in others have identified certain days during the year as state and federal holidays ... we have no choice but to observe these holidays whether we want to or not. Most everyone is included and no one is excluded no matter their religious beliefs or practices.... The upside to wishing each other a “Happy Federal Holiday” is that we have lots of opportunities to do so during the year and not just during the current “Holiday Season."]
"'My friends and I wish each other a "Happy Federal Holiday,"' she explained, noting it’s the least offensive. Even 'happy holidays' doesn’t cut it, she stated.

"'Couldn’t "Happy Holidays" be the most inclusive greeting because it is so non-specific? Yes, perhaps, but it is the non-specificity of ‘Happy Holidays’ that makes it inappropriate because it fails to recognize the importance of Christmas to Christians while it also suggests that Chanukah should be more important to Jews than the high holidays and festivals that come at other times during the year,' Fine wrote....

"Moving right along, at the University of Missouri’s Student Health Center, administrators are so worried that seeing Christmas decorations might scar students they’ve banished them.

"'I’m aware that many of you are in the mood to decorate your areas with the holiday spirit in mind.  However ... I’ve decided that holiday decorations will not be displayed this year. Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable place for all students to receive their health care. Without meaning to, some of the holiday symbols that we may display could contradict that mission,' stated an email sent out by Susan Even, executive director of the center."

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