Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ont. Libertarian runs in Haliburton to grow party

Libertarian candidate hopes to grow party - Chad Ingram, Minden Times:

April 12, 2018 - "Gene Balfour is well aware his chances of becoming the next MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock are less than slim. 'I know I’m not going to Queen’s Park,' says Balfour, the Ontario Libertarian Party’s candidate for the riding.

"A recently retired professional recruiter, Balfour, a longtime Thornhill resident, now resides in Fenelon Falls with his wife, a retired school principal.

"Balfour was first introduced to the Ontario Libertarian Party more than a decade ago, when he crashed one of the party’s meetings.... He found that he agreed with the party’s ideals, and has now run half a dozen elections under its banner and is party chairman. Balfour is eager to share the Libertarian philosophy with residents of HKLB.

"The pillars of the Libertarian platform are personal freedoms, fewer regulations, less taxation and smaller government.

"'Libertarians defend and protect each individual person – that’s body, mind and efforts – and his or her property – that’s anything of value – from unwanted and intentional aggression or harm inflicted by others, including those in government,' Balfour says....

"Balfour says the mainstream parties are all the same, enticing voters with promises to fix the province’s problems, but never doing so, and in the meantime growing the size of government and racking up debt....

"Balfour points to the province’s myriad regulations, of which he says there are some 380,000, and stresses all of these regulations need to be enforced, meaning more and more people need to be hired... 'That’s doubled in the last 25 years,' he says of the number of regulations....

"What’s more, Balfour says many of those policies are in place to give the province a monopoly, not just over the sale of alcohol and soon, marijuana, but everything from education to health care. 'We have to eliminate regulations that provide power for government to run monopolies,' he says....

"To learn more about the Ontario Libertarian Party and its platform, visit"

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