Monday, July 2, 2018

Bernier booted from Conservative shadow cabinet

Kicked out of shadow cabinet, Maxime Bernier raises $30,000 - iPolitics - Kyle Duggan:

June 15, 2018 - "Just a few days after being booted from his role as innovation critic after he re-circulated a controversial promo-chapter from his shelved book project, Maxime Bernier raised a cool $30,000 in one day.

"In an email sent to supporters with the subject line 'Are you still with me?' on Thursday (Bernier was booted from shadow cabinet late Tuesday), he asks his followers to contribute $5 or “any other amount you can afford today” so they can 'show the country how much you care for the perspective I bring to our national political debates'....

"'I just wanted to tell you that I’m as committed as ever to defending our conservative principles of freedom and small government. And I will continue to fight for them in whatever position I find myself,' it said.

"'Do you still want me to champion these principles in Ottawa, at a time when it is so important for our country’s future? If so, please help me pay down what remains [of] the debt from my leadership campaign, and fund my team’s work and my travels across the country to reach as many Canadians as possible'....

"Friday morning, he sent out another email announcing fundraising succes.... 'I am flabbergasted by the results,' Bernier announced. 'In just 24 hours, we raised $30,000!!! That’s several times more than the previous record of the past year. You can be assured [that] the response was received loud and clear!'

"On Wednesday, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer told reporters he wouldn’t discuss internal caucus matters when asked about ejecting Bernier from his industry critic role, although Scheer did strongly hint at the reason. 'When a member of our shadow cabinet makes a commitment to the rest of the caucus, then that commitment must be respected,' Scheer said....

"Back in April, Bernier canned his book project after releasing a chapter that railed against the supply management system – a position he’s long held and ran on during his leadership bid. It suggested Scheer won party leadership with the help of 'fake Conservatives,' a sort of astroturfing-to-victory aided by the dairy lobby.

"It was reported that earlier this month, Bernier reposted the chapter to his website – news that came as U.S. President Donald Trump ramped up his attacks on Canada’s dairy sector amid a Canada-U.S. trade dispute, and as parliamentarians throw their support behind Canada’s trade efforts."

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