Monday, September 10, 2018

LP of Canada denies Bernier merger rumors

Statement on the Bernier Merger Rumours - Trevor Schmidt, Libertarian Party of Canada, Facebook:

September 5, 2018 - "On Sunday September 2nd the Libertarian Party of Canada hosted an Alberta Caucus meeting in Red Deer. At this meeting Libertarian Party leader Tim Moen revealed that he has engaged in conversations with Maxime Bernier since his split with the CPC and that there had been some loose discussions about what the future of the Libertarian Party might look like. Tim then fielded questions to members regarding whether or not they would like to see Maxime’s new party and the Libertarian Party’s membership united under Bernier’s leadership or whether they would like to see the Libertarian Party of Canada continue on as a separate and distinct entity from Maxime’s new party with Tim remaining its leader.

"Subsequently, rumours circulated claiming that Maxime and the Libertarian Party were in the later stages of discussion to unite Maxime’s movement with the Libertarian Party under a single party banner. This is inaccurate and the conversations released from the meeting in Red Deer have largely been taken out of context.

"Tim and Maxime do talk. They are friends. It is no secret that our party shares many values with Max and that we are largely guided by the same principles. It is also no secret that when Maxime lost his bid for the CPC leadership in May of 2017 Tim volunteered to step down as Libertarian Party leader if Max wished to join us.... Finally, it is no secret that the Libertarians then adopted Maxime’s CPC leadership platform, which remains in place to this day. That is why recent events warranted discussions with our membership....

"The scenarios and questions raised to the Libertarian Party members in Red Deer were largely hypothetical.... [T]he meeting in Red Deer and meetings like it provide a forum to gauge membership’s reaction to Maxime’s intention of starting a new party and help determine what direction would be best for our party to take...

"In the event of more changes to the Canadian political landscape, our party’s leadership wants to be ready to act in a way that is commensurate to the wishes of its members. We are keeping an open dialogue with Max, but it remains our understanding that he is still exploring the best options to properly represent his supporters. Likewise, the Libertarian Party is engaging in discussions, such as the recent one in Red Deer, in order to explore the best options to properly represent our members. "

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