Sunday, December 16, 2018

First Purge called "most libertarian film of 2018"

The First Purge” - The Most Libertarian Film of 2018 - Being Libertarian - Luke Henderson:

July 5, 2018 - "The Purge saga ... revolves around a dystopian US where a new political party, called the New Founding Fathers of America, were elected to office on the platform of initiating a holiday where for one night each year, all crime, including murder, is legal, with the intent of releasing the country’s pent up anger towards the collapsing economy....

"Though it is implied that the government of this franchise is corrupt, audiences don’t get a truly in depth look into how until The First Purge. As the title suggests, the newest film tackles the election of the New Founding Fathers of America ... and their initiation of what would become the murderous holiday. What makes this film stand out from the other three films is that the monstrous corruption of government is not hidden in the slightest.

"In the beginning of the film, the NFFA offers citizens of Staten Island, who have been chosen as the location to experiment with the purge, $5,000 to participate in the night, with more money offered if they kill someone.... Many of the residents take the money because of the hope of a new life it offers....

"In Washington D.C. audiences see the Chief of Staff and the social psychologist who created the concept of a night of murder-induced catharsis overseeing the event via video recording drones. They are disappointed initially as the only murders have come from the insane ... and residents mostly vandalize property, loot business and have 'Purge parties.'

"Around midnight, gangs suddenly appear who begin mercilessly killing. The social psychologist finds this unusual as her hypothesis predicted a high initial murder-rate that would quickly taper off. She goes to a private office to investigate.... [T]he social psychologist finds video of the gangs suddenly appearing out of garages after midnight out of nowhere and the Chief of Staff has her sent to Staten Island to be killed for revealing the truth....

"Frankly, the film left me stunned with its unintentional libertarian messaging on the terrors of a corrupt government, human nature and individuals defending themselves....

"The initial failure of the purge experiment ... tells a lot about how government officials will go to extreme lengths to create situations where their legislation seems essential. Without the meddling of the Chief of Staff, the purge very well could have failed and the population would have seen that in general people just want a release from their frustration, but many of the options to do so aren’t afforded to them. It’s a lesson in the possibilities of decriminalization and legalization of illegal substances and 'obscene' activities.

"Finally, The First Purge offers one of the best arguments for the right to gun ownership and self-defense.... Even the most ardent gun hater can’t deny that a corrupt government using deadly force on its citizens should have been met with the same force.

"Every libertarian should ... see The First Purge.... Films are one of the most effective tools to spreading a message and getting people emotionally invested, so using the market to accomplish this is one of the most libertarian things we can do."

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