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Sweden-bashing in the media

"The British government opted in March for a Swedish-style mitigation strategy, but was forced to pull a U-Turn a week later in the face of widespread media and public criticism (including a nasty Twitter campaign accusing Boris Johnson of genocide). Britain was locked down on March 23; the same day a similar media campaign began against Sweden." (George J. Dance, "The importance of Sweden")

The following is a list of media articles since March on the alleged failure of Sweden's no-lockdown policy. 
  1. "Swedish PM warned over 'Russian roulette-style' Covid-19 strategy" - The Guardian, Mar. 23 
  2. "'They are leading us to catastrophe': Sweden's coronavirus stoicism begins to jar" - The Guardian, Mar. 30 
  3. "HEADING FOR DISASTER Sweden’s refusal to enter coronavirus lockdown leaving schools and pubs open ‘will lead to catastrophe’, doctors warn" - The Sun, Apr. 1 
  4. "Sweden's liberal pandemic strategy questioned as Stockholm death toll mounts" - Reuters, Apr. 3 
  5. "Experts criticise Swedish government for failing to prevent COVID-19 spread" - World Socialist Web Site, Apr. 3 
  6. "Sweden has 15 new COVID-19 deaths with no lockdown" - TeleTrader, Apr. 4 
  7. "Sweden mulls U-turn on coronavirus restrictions" - Deutsche Welle, Apr. 4 
  8. "Sweden prepares for possible tighter coronavirus measures as deaths rise" - The Guardian, Apr. 5 
  9. "Why Sweden is Europe’s coronavirus outlier and what it means" - New Statesman, Apr. 7 "Coronavirus: Sweden continues to resist lockdown measures despite jump in cases" - The Independent, Apr. 7 
  10. "Sweden's Relaxed Approach to the Coronavirus Could Already Be Backfiring" - TIME, Apr. 9 
  11. "After Rejecting A Coronavirus Lockdown, Sweden Sees Rise In Deaths" - Forbes, Apr. 9 
  12. "Sweden Continues With Controversial Coronavirus Strategy: Is It A Big Mistake?" - Forbes, Apr. 10 
  13. "‘I’ve never written so many death certificates’: Is Sweden having second thoughts on lockdown?" - The Independent, Apr. 13 
  14. "Swedish Virus Deaths Top 1,000, Fueling Criticism Over Strategy" - Bloomberg, Apr. 14 
  15. "Sweden: 22 Scientists Say Coronavirus Strategy Has Failed As Deaths Top 1,000" - Forbes, Apr. 14 
  16. "Sweden's Controversial Decision To Not Lock Down The Country" - NPR, Apr. 15 
  17. "Critics question Swedish approach as coronavirus death toll reaches 1,000" - The Guardian, Apr. 15 
  18. "Sweden’s government has tried a risky coronavirus strategy. It could backfire" - Vox, Apr. 16 
  19. "Sweden grapples with high death toll after controversially refusing to lock down" - New York Post, Apr. 16 
  20. "The Grim Truth About the 'Swedish Model'" - Project Syndicate, Apr. 17 
  21. "The grim truth about the 'Swedish model'" Jordan Times, Apr. 18 
  22. "Anger in Sweden as elderly pay price for coronavirus strategy" - The Guardian, Apr. 19 
  23. "Grim truth of the ‘Swedish model’" - Japan Times, Apr. 20 
  24. "Sweden records its highest number of coronavirus deaths in one day with 185, as officials insist soft lockdown policy will enable restrictions to be implemented longer and protect economy" - Mail Online, Apr. 21 
  25. "Coronavirus: Death toll in Sweden passes 2,000" - The, Apr. 23 
  26. "COVID19 is nearly 10 times more deadly in Sweden than other Nordic countries" - Women's Agenda, Apr. 23 
  27. "Sweden queries basis of lockdowns as Germany keeps its guard up" - The Guardian, Apr. 24 
  28. "Sweden grilled over not enforcing coronavirus lockdown 'fewer people would have died!'" - The Express, Apr. 24 
  29. "Why Sweden’s low-scale lockdown strategy is beginning to backfire now" - The Print, Apr. 27 
  30. "Sweden And Denmark Took Very Different Approaches To Fighting The Coronavirus. The Data Shows Many More People Are Dying In Sweden." - Buzzfeed News, Apr. 27 
  31. "Sweden records its deadliest week this century with 2,505 fatalities as it continues to resist coronavirus lockdown" - Mail Online, Apr. 28 
  32. "Sweden says its coronavirus approach has worked. The numbers suggest a different story" - CNN, Apr. 28
  33. "Has Sweden found the best response to the coronavirus? Its death rate suggests it hasn’t." - Vox, Apr. 28  
  34. "What the numbers say about Sweden’s coronavirus strategy" - Mercury News, Apr. 28 
  35. "Is Sweden's decision not to have a coronavirus lockdown a fatal mistake?" - ITV News, Apr. 29
  36. "I Just Came Home to Sweden. I’m Horrified by the Coronavirus Response Here" - Slate, Apr. 29 
  37. "Imperial College Model Applied to Sweden Yields Preposterous Results," American Institute of Economic Research, Apr. 30 
  38. "Trump Says Sweden ‘Paying Heavily’ For Failure To Lock Down As Death Tolls Rise Over 2,500" - Forbes, May 1 
  39. "Has Sweden's coronavirus strategy played into the hands of nationalists?" - The Guardian, May 1 
  40. "Is Sweden's Covid-19 Handling a Failure or a Success?" - TheStreet, May 2
  41. "Coronavirus and the Sweden Myth" - New York Times, May 4 
  42. "Sweden didn’t impose a lockdown. It might be paying a heavy price" - ZME Science, May 5
  43. "Sweden nears 'horrifying' death toll of 3,000 from coronavirus with 87 new fatalities, including a child under ten" - Mail Online, May 6 
  44. "MOUNTING TRAGEDY Sweden’s anti-lockdown coronavirus chief admits death toll nearing 3,000 is ‘horrifying’ as young child among victims" - The Sun, May 6 
  45. "Sweden Has Avoided a Coronavirus Lockdown. Its Economy Is Hurting Anyway" - Wall Street Journal, May 7  
  46. "The Treatment of Sweden's Old and Vulnerable is a Catastrophe" - The Telegraph, May 7 
  47. "Sweden’s Global Failure" - Slate, May 7 
  48. "Coronavirus takes a toll in Sweden's immigrant community" - Associated Press, May 9 
  49. "Sweden’s Pandemic Experiment Is Ending Badly for the Elderly" - Bloomberg, May 12 
  50. "The Swedish Model Is a Failure, Not a Panacea" - World Politics Review, May 14 
  51. "Sweden Stayed Open. A Deadly Month Shows the Risks." - New York Times, May 15 
  52. "The Swedish model fails: More deaths than neighbours and similar economic damage" - Marca, May 17  
  53. "Sweden’s Covid-19 strategy has caused an ‘amplification of the epidemic’" France 24, May 17 
  54. "Coronavirus pushes Swedish deaths to highest since 1993 in April" - Reuters, May 18 
  55. "Sweden suffered its deadliest month in nearly 30 years in April, figures reveal as country continues to adopt a more relaxed approach to fighting Covid-19" - Mail, Online, May 18 
  56. "Sweden’s voluntary coronavirus lockdown strategy is failing, study shows" - New York Post, May 21 
  57. "Coronavirus: Per capita death rate in Sweden 'very high'" - BBC News, May 21 
  58. "Why Sweden is unlikely to make a U-turn on its controversial Covid-19 strategy" - The Guardian, May 22 
  59. "Lockdown-ignoring Sweden Now Has Europe's Highest Per-Capita Death rate" - Slashdot, May 23 
  60. "Sweden’s Covid-19 policy is a model for the right. It’s also a deadly folly" - The Guardian, May 23
  61. "Sweden 'wrong' not to shut down, says former state epidemiologist" - The Guardian, May 24
  62. "Did Sweden get its no-lockdown policy wrong?" - India Today, May 24
  63. "COVID-19 deaths in Sweden top 4,000: Public Health Agency" - Charlottetown Guardian, May 25  
  64. "Sweden touts the success of its controversial lockdown-free coronavirus strategy, but the country still has one of the highest mortality rates in the world" - Business Insider, May 27
  65. "Norway and Denmark drop mutual border controls - but exclude Sweden" - The Guardian, May 29 
  66. "Sweden’s coronavirus experiment has well and truly failed" - Wired, May 30 
  67. "We should have done more, admits architect of Sweden's Covid-19 strategy" - The Guardian, June 3 
  68. "Sweden’s hands-off approach to tackling coronavirus resulted in too many deaths, top epidemiologist says" - Globe & Mail, June 3 
  69. "Sweden acknowledges its no-lockdown COVID-19 strategy might have been a mistake" - Marketplace, June 3 
  70. "Scientist behind Sweden’s covid-19 strategy suggests it allowed too many deaths" - Washington Post, June 4 
  71. "Sweden starts to doubt its outlier coronavirus strategy" - Deutsche Welle, June 9 
  72. "Sweden's coronavirus plan has 'failed miserably', opposition politicians declare as they call for the country's chief epidemiologist to quit" - Mail Online, June 9 
  73. "Swedes round on Sweden’s coronavirus approach" -, June 11 
  74. "How Sweden’s herd immunity strategy has backfired" - New Statesman, June 11 
  75. "A very Swedish sort of failure" - Financial Times, June 15 
  76. "It’s Almost As If Some People Want Sweden To Fail" - Scoop NZ, June 16 
  77. "Has Sweden’s controversial covid-19 strategy been successful?" British Medical Journal, June 16 
  78. "Sweden: COVID-19 death-toll rises to over 5,000 as of June 17" - Garda World, June 17 
  79. "No-lockdown Sweden is compelling parents to send their children to school. Some fear their kids could ultimately be taken away if they refuse" - Business Insider, June 21 
  80. "Sweden Tries Out a New Status: Pariah State" - New York Times, June 22 
  81. "The data is in: Sweden failed" - Open Democracy, June 22 
  82. "Sweden’s Coronavirus Failure Started Long Before the Pandemic" - Foreign Policy, June 23 
  83. "Swedish exceptionalism has been ended by coronavirus" - The Guardian, June 26 
  84. "Swedes rapidly losing trust in Covid-19 strategy, poll finds" - The Guardian, June 26 
  85. "Coronavirus: Sweden says WHO made 'total mistake' by including it in warning" - BBC News, June 26 
  86. "Sweden, not the US, is the #COVID-19 disaster" - Eureporter, June 30 
  87. "Denmark Vs Sweden: 'Herd Immunity’ Is a Failed Response to Coronavirus" - Modern Diplomacy, June 30 
  88. "Sweden's prime minister orders an inquiry into the failure of the country's no-lockdown coronavirus strategy" - Business Insider, July 2 
  89. ""Pressured Sweden counts the cost of its idiosyncratic lockdown" - Financial Times, July 3 
  90. "Lack of Lockdown Increased COVID-19 Deaths in Sweden" - UVA Health, July 3 
  91. "Why Sweden's Controversial COVID Experiment Is Failing | OPINION" - Newsweek, July 5 
  92. "Sweden Has Become the World’s Cautionary Tale" - New York Times, July 7 
  93. "Sweden Stayed Open And More People Died Of Covid-19, But The Real Reason May Be Something Darker" - Forbes, July 7 
  94. "Sweden's Covid Experiment is Now a Certified Failure" - TheStreet, July 7 
  95. "Sweden and Covid-19: No lockdown doesn’t mean no recession" OFCE Blog, July 8 
  96. "Sweden’s grim Covid-19 result: More death and nearly equal economic damage" - Irish Times, July 9 
  97. "Swedish PM Defends Covid Plan as Immunity Fails to Catch On" - Bloomberg, July 15 
  98. "Sweden sees high COVID-19 fatality rate after forgoing lockdown" - CBS News, July 16 
  99. "Sweden defends its COVID strategy even as the mortality rate surpasses the U.S. and herd immunity remains elusive" - Fortune, July 16  
  100. "Misinformation and de-contextualization: international media reporting on Sweden and COVID-19" - NCBI, July 19 
  101. "Sweden pays human and economic price for not locking down" - CNN, July 20 
  102. "Sweden hoped herd immunity would curb COVID-19. Don't do what we did. It's not working." USA Today, July 21 
  103. "Grim coronavirus death toll projected in Sweden after lax approach to pandemic" - CBS News, July 22 
  104. "Did Sweden's coronavirus strategy succeed or fail?" - BBC News, July 23 
  105. "No, Australia should not follow Sweden’s approach to coronavirus" - The Conversation, July 29  
  106. "Did Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Succeed or Fail?" - The Imaginative Conservative, July 27
  107. "Sweden’s Actual COVID-19 Results Compared to What Modelers Predicted in April" - Foundation for Economic Education, July 30 
  108. "The Sweden Question: Has Controversial Response Led to T-cell Mediated Immunity?" - Contagion Live, Aug. 6   
  109. "Sweden's no-lockdown strategy is beginning to look like less of an outlier, but still doesn't compare well to other countries" - Business Insider, Aug. 8 
  110. "Sweden’s Deadly Experiment With COVID-19" - The Trucking Network, Aug. 9 
  111. "Responsibility of the Swedish left for Sweden’s COVID-19 tragedy" - Open Democracy, Aug. 10 
  112. "Four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden’s prized herd immunity is nowhere in sight" - Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Aug. 11 
  113. "Stop Trying To Make ‘Herd Immunity’ Happen: Sweden’s Attempt At Covid-19 Herd Immunity Failed" - Forbes, Aug. 11 
  114. "Sweden’s strategy of controlled Covid spread fails in achieving herd immunity" - The Print, Aug. 12 
  115. "Sweden's COVID Policy Didn't Create Herd Immunity" - WebMD, Aug. 13 
  116. "Did Sweden Accidentally Blunder into COVID-19 Herd Immunity?" - Reason, Aug. 14 
  117. "Herd Immunity to COVID-19 Fails to Materialize in Sweden" - SciTechDaily, Aug. 14 
  118. "Sweden's Covid-19 strategist under fire over herd immunity emails" - The Guardian, Aug. 17 
  119. "Sweden records highest death tally in 150 years in first half of 2020" - The Guardian, Aug. 19 
  120. "Did Sweden's COVID-19 Strategy Fail?" - Mother Jones, Aug. 24 
  121. "Sweden Is Not a Model in Managing Covid-19 but a Special Case" - PassBlue, Aug. 28 
  122. "Media Coverage of Sweden’s COVID Response Continues To Frustrate" - Medium, Aug. 29 
  123. "Sweden used a controversial strategy to fight coronavirus and its death toll is now among the highest in the world" - Business Insider, Sep. 1 
  124. "Is Sweden's COVID-19 Policy 'Relatively Rational' or 'Calamitous'?" - Reason, Sep. 2
  125. "Harrop: Sweden's virus plan proves deadly. Trump's adviser likes it" - Ogden Standard-Examiner, Sep. 5 
  126. "Sweden's disaster in disguise" - Summer Newsroom, Sep. 9 
  127. "Anders Tegnell and the Swedish experiment" - Financial Times, Sep. 10 
  128. "Masks are rare in Stockholm as residents debate the pros and cons of its non-lockdown" - New Statesman, Sep. 16
  129. "Sweden's Covid-19 experiment holds a worldwide warning" - Financial Times, Sep. 13 
  130. "Sweden's coronavirus deaths have dropped dramatically, but that doesn't mean its herd-immunity strategy worked, experts say" - Business Insider, Sep. 23 
  131. "Welcome to libertarian Covid fantasy land – that’s Sweden to you and me" - The Guardian, Sep. 26 
  132. "‘It’s been so, so surreal.’ Critics of Sweden’s lax pandemic policies face fierce backlash" - Science, Oct. 6 
  133. "Op-Ed: The Sweden Myth" MedPage Today, Oct. 8 
  134. "The Swedish COVID-19 Response Is a Disaster. It Shouldn’t Be a Model for the Rest of the World" - TIME, Oct. 14 
  135. "Sweden’s Anders Tegnell: We did not pursue 'herd immunity' against Covid-19" - New Statesman, Oct. 19 
  136. "Swedish virologist says her country's COVID-19 strategy has failed, but nobody will admit it" - CBC radio, Oct. 19 
  137. "We saved our economy in Sweden. But too many people died." - Washington Post, Oct. 20 
  138. "Interview: 'Sweden could have prevented 4,000 deaths with lockdown'" - The, Oct. 20 
  139. "As White House eyes 'herd immunity,' Sweden's no-mask approach is failing to contain COVID-19" - Yahoo News, Oct. 20 
  140. "Sweden hoped herd immunity would curb COVID-19. Don't do what we did. It's not working" - USA Today, Oct. 21 
  141. "Did Sweden’s coronavirus experiment pay off? Not really" - Wired, Oct. 23 
  142. "Swedish Central Bank Reveals Grim View of Latest Covid Trend" - Bloomberg, Oct. 23
  143. "Sweden sticks to its guns as COVID-19 cases rise" - AFP, Oct. 23 
  144. "Opinion: Sweden's coronavirus failure - why COVID-19 herd immunity is dangerous, deadly and might not even work" - NewsHub, Oct. 29 
  145. "Covid 19 coronavirus: Sweden hits grim virus record as country is warned infections will get worse" = NZ Herald, Oct. 30 
  146. "‘Like North Korea’ Sweden’s Coronavirus Critics Silenced" - Byline Times, Nov. 2 
  147. "COVID: Sweden's Experiment Didn't Work, Belgium Is A Basket Case, And U.S. Isn't As Bad As We Think" - American Council on Science and Health, Nov. 3 
  148. "In Sweden, a ‘very serious’ resurgence of coronavirus and a grim winter ahead" - National Post, Nov. 3 
  149. "Sweden sets new COVID-19 case record as deaths pass 6,000 mark" - Reuters, Nov. 5 
  150. "Swedish PM self-isolates as nation passes grim threshold" - Associated Press, Nov. 5 
  151. "ANALYSIS: Is Sweden heading for a national lockdown?" - The, Nov. 6
  152. "The ongoing Swedish experiment - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Nov. 10 
  153. "Sweden coronavirus lockdown strategy sees major U-turn as new measures urgently introduced" - The Express, Nov. 10 
  154. "Sweden Tops US in Covid Cases Per Million People" - TheStreet, Nov. 3 
  155. "Swedish surge in Covid cases dashes immunity hopes" - The Guardian, Nov. 12 
  156. "Sweden announces dramatic U-turn as lockdown measures brought in" - London Economic, Nov. 16 
  157. "Sweden Uses ‘Unprecedented’ Covid Restrictions as Cases Soar" - Bloomberg, Nov. 12 
  158. "Lockdown U-turn in Sweden as COVID-19 cases soar and herd immunity hopes falter" - National Post, Nov. 17 
  159. "Sweden registers 96 new daily COVID-19 deaths, highest for months" - National Post, Nov. 18 
  160. "Has Sweden’s coronavirus strategy failed?" - Washington Post, Nov. 18 
  161. "The great Swedish COVID-19 experiment is failing. What does that mean for the rest of us?" - Deseret News, Nov. 18 
  162. "Did Sweden’s no-lockdown COVID strategy work?" - Yahoo News, Nov. 18 
  163. "Discontent rises in Sweden as coronavirus cases spike" -, Nov. 19 
  164. "Covid-19: Sweden's herd immunity strategy has failed, hospitals inundated" - New Zealand Herald, Nov. 21 
  165. "The briefing: Why Sweden’s coronavirus approach has failed" Euronews, Nov. 26 
  166. "Swedes lose faith in 'herd immunity' strategy with virus rampant" - BNN Bloomberg, Nov. 26 
  167.  "Sweden's coronavirus plan failed to stop the virus, and a vaccine may not be enough to 'rescue' them, experts warn" - ABC News Australia, Nov. 27 
  168. "Swedes' support for anti-lockdown stance slips amid rising Covid deaths" - The Guardian, Dec. 3 
  169. "Sweden says no need for face masks as COVID-19 deaths top 7,000" - Reuters, Dec. 3 
  170. "Support for Sweden’s ‘light-touch’ slips during deadly second wave" - The London Economic, Dec. 3 
  171. "Long a Holdout From Covid-19 Restrictions, Sweden Ends Its Pandemic Experiment" - Wall Street Journal, Dec. 6 
  172. "Sweden's pandemic experiment ends amid spiking coronavirus cases" - Fox News, Dec. 6 
  173. "VIRUS CRISIS: Sweden finally facing lockdown as it suffers TWICE the number of cases per capita" - The Sun, Dec.7 
  174. "As COVID deaths rise, Sweden pulls a U-turn and proposes a lockdown law" - Fortune, Dec. 9 
  175. "How Sweden is being forced to abandon its failing Covid-19 strategy" - New Statesman, Dec. 14 
  176. "Sweden’s 'herd immunity' policy produces disaster" - World Socialist Web Site, Dec. 14 
  177. "Swedish PM says officials misjudged power of Covid resurgence" - The Guardian, Dec. 15 
  178. "COVID-19 and the Failure of Swedish Exceptionalism" - The Dispatch, Dec. 15
  179. "Calls for lockdown rise in Sweden: report - The Hill, Dec. 16 
  180. "In Sweden, Infections and Calls for a Lockdown Are Rising" - New York Times, Dec. 17 
  181. "Sweden's king says the country's no-lockdown coronavirus approach has 'failed' and people have 'suffered tremendously'" - Mail Online, Dec. 17  
  182. "Swedish King: Our Wingnut-Approved COVID Strategy Was Deadly" - Yahoo News, Dec. 17 
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  196. "Avoiding lockdowns did not help Sweden and Japan fight Covid-19. It only made things worse" -, Dec. 23
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  199. "Sweden records deadliest November since 1918 Spanish flu pandemic" - World Socialist Web Site, Dec. 28 
  200. "Sweden recommends masks for rush hour, as COVID-19 deaths hit record" - Reuters, Dec. 30 
  201. "Sweden crisis worsens after its anti-lockdown stance proven a failure" - NZ Herald, Jan. 2 
  202. "Now the Swedish model has failed, it's time to ask who was pushing it" - The Guardian, Jan. 3 

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