Friday, February 5, 2021

Some Canadian businesses plan to reopen Feb.11

'Together we can end the lockdowns': Group urges businesses across Canada to reopen | National Post - Margarita Maltceva:

February 3, 2021 "Some businesses across Canada are planning to reopen on Feb. 11 in defiance of local COVID-19 restrictions. 'We are gonna call it the great reopening of Canada,' Vladislav Sobolev, the founder of the We Are All Essential movement, said in a Facebook video posted on Monday. 'Just open everything up! The opening means that you are just gonna conduct the business the way you see fit.'

"Varying provincial lockdown measures have hit businesses across Canada hard. The latest Statistics Canada report found that 57,301 businesses closed between February and September last year. Many retail stores have been limited to curbside pick up and in some provinces, such as Ontario, service industries have had to close during a lockdown.

"The group 'We Are All Essential' was formed at the beginning of November 2020 in order to educate small businesses about their rights during the pandemic and provide community support to help protect business owners, Sobolev says in the video.... The group comprises around 300 businesses from across Canada, including Adam Skelly, the owner of Adamson Barbecue in Toronto, who reopened his business in November and was subsequently arrested and charged for violating the lockdown restrictions. BlogTo reported that most of the businesses that are registered in the group are from Ontario....

"While Ontario’s stay-at-home order was originally set to expire after 28 days, on Feb. 11 — the same day the group has planned its nationwide reopening — the province now says that the lockdown restrictions won’t be lifted until the daily number of new COVID-19 cases falls to 'around or below 1,000.' In addition, the number of patients in the intensive care units (ICU) have to drop from 400 to about 150, CTV News reports.

"Sobolev said in an interview with BlogTo that around 100 businesses in its network across Canada are currently operating secretly or openly, with some of them racking up fines that they intend to fight in court....

"We Are All Essential members believe that lockdown measures imposed by the government are 'unjustified' and threaten the prosperity of small businesses that were forced to shut down or limit their operations, Sobolev said in the Facebook video. 'The government has no right to define which group of businesses is essential and which one is not.' 

"Sobolev said that COVID-19 restrictions have unfairly targeted small, independent businesses compared to huge companies like Costco and Walmart that have been able to remain open. 'Most of the businesses that are forced to shut down (had) either zero transmission or very-very minute transmission numbers… and they are forced to shut down, (while) you have Costco, Walmart, Amazon, where actually documented transmission takes place. However, they can continue to operate,' he said."

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