Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Wuhan lab funder recused from UN Covid inquiry

Peter Daszak, whose EcoHealth Alliance funded the Wuhan Institute's coronavirus experiments on behalf of Anthony Fauci's NIAID, has been removed from a UN commission investigating the pandemic's origins

British doctor Peter Daszak who tried to gag Wuhan lab leak theory is FIRED from UN commission investigating COVID after he was exposed for organizing letter denying leak claim in The Lancet medical journal | Daily Mail - Harriet Alexander:

June 21, 2021 - "British scientist Peter Daszak has been removed from the COVID commission looking at the origins of the pandemic after helping secretly denounce the lab leak theory while failing to mention his close ties to the same facility. 

"The scandal-hit scientist's departure from the UN-backed Lancet commission into the virus's origins was revealed on its website. It added a sentence in brackets under his photo and above his biography, saying 'recused from Commission work on the origins of the pandemic.' No further information on Daszak's departure was given - but he has faced conflict of interest claims after his close ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology [WIV] were revealed last month.  

"Daszak, 55, president of the New York-based EcoHealth Alliance, was one of 28 experts from around the world asked to analyze how best to respond to the pandemic. The panel comprised leading global figures in public health, economics, philanthropy, diplomacy and politics. It is organized by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.... On Monday the COVID commission updated their website to show that Daszak was recused.

"Daszak's presence on a number of bodies investigating the origins of COVID has proved controversial because he has links to the Wuhan Institute and its chief researcher Dr Shi Zhengli - dubbed 'Batwoman'.... The conservation charity of which Daszak is the director, EcoHealth Alliance, has funneled money into the lab and research being done by Dr [Shi]....

"[Daszak] helped organize a letter published in prestigious medical journal The Lancet that was signed by 27 scientists, including Daszak himself, and denounced the lab leak claim as a 'conspiracy theory,' and 'nonscientific'....  They wrote at the time: 'We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin. Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumors, and prejudice that jeopardize our global collaboration in the fight against this virus' [while declaring 'no competing interests' - gd].... When contacted The Lancet’s editor, Dr Richard Horton, about the decision to publish and support the letter, both he and his office declined to comment.... 

"Daszak was part of a group of scientists who in late January traveled to the Wuhan lab on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO) to explore how the virus originated.... The WHO report that he helped to author described animals as the 'most likely' source of the pandemic, and ... suggestions that the virus leaked from any of the labs in Wuhan - including the Institute of Virology - were dismissed as 'extremely unlikely'. Yet it later emerged that the WHO team was only given three hours in the lab and were not given access to all the documentation they needed....

"In April the [U.S. Congress's] House Energy and Commerce Committee sent Daszak 34 questions about his involvement with the lab. Despite a deadline of May 17, Daszak failed to respond, a source close to the committee told The questions were about his charity, its federal funding which went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China, and the work the U.S. nonprofit did with the Chinese lab....

"Rather than respond to the allegations that he 'bullied' other scientists into signing off on The Lancet letter - and that his ties to the lab led to such a conflict of interest that he should never have sat on two panels investigating the cause of COVID-19 -  [Daszak] told a reporter: 'You need to remove your car from our drive right now, leave the area and never come back.... Goodbye, I have no comment,' he added."

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