Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Covid mandate protests across Canada

‘Mindless mobs’: London, Ont. mayor condemns hospital protests during COVID-19 briefing | Global News - Matthew Trevithick, 980 CFPL:
September 13, 2021 - "London Mayor Ed Holder slammed those gathering outside of Canadian hospitals to protest COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates, describing them on Monday as 'mindless mobs' who are harassing health-care workers.... Holder made the comments as dozens of people began to descend on the northeast corner of Commissioners and Wellington roads, just outside of London Health Sciences Centre, to protest vaccine mandates and other public health restrictions implemented during the pandemic. Roughly 200 people were estimated to be in attendance, waving placards and soliciting honks of support from passing motorists. A similar protest was held outside of the hospital a week ago.

"Other demonstrations were scheduled to take place across the country, including outside McGill University Health Centre [Montreal], Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, and the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. Dozens gathered outside Toronto General Hospital, many to condemn Ontario’s proof-of-vaccination system that is scheduled to take effect next week.

"The demonstrations were organized by a group calling itself Canadian Frontline Nurses, who promoted them as 'silent vigils'.... Among its lead organizers is Kristen Nagle, who up until January had been employed as a registered nurse in LHSC’s neonatal intensive care unit. Nagle was among those present at Monday’s London demonstration, as was Henry Hildebrant, the pastor of Aylmer’s Church of God, who has become a prominent critic of pandemic restrictions.

“'Definitely by no means are we here to interfere with hospital access or impede any health or any kind of treatments going on,' Nagle told 980 CFPL. 'But It seems like by going in front of the hospitals is a place where … we are finally being noticed. Unfortunately, it is being spun very negatively against us, and what we’re standing for is absolutely being missed'.... In January, LHSC confirmed it had placed Nagle on unpaid leave after the organization learned of actions involving her 'that were not aligned with LHSC’s values'.... Following an internal investigation, LHSC announced on Jan. 18 that it had terminated Nagle with cause. No further information was released....

"Ontario Premier Doug Ford condemned the protests in a tweet Sunday, describing those taking part as 'selfish, cowardly and reckless'.... Both the federal New Democrats and Liberals made mirror pledges Monday to criminalize protesters who block hospitals or harass health-care workers.... Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole called the demonstrations 'totally unacceptable.'"
Read more: https://globalnews.ca/news/8186222/london-mayor-ed-holder-slams-hospital-protests-covid-19/

Two Protests Against Covid Measures Held In Kawartha Lakes This Weekend | Kawartha 411 - Pamela Vanmeer:
September 13, 2021 - "Two protests against various COVID-19 measures were held in Kawartha Lakes over the weekend. One in Lindsay on Sunday drew approximately 250 people over a few hours with 120 at one time. They held signs that read 'we believe in no lockdowns, no vax passports, nor forced vaccines', 'My kids, my choice'. A smaller crowd of about two dozen took to the streets in Fenelon Falls on Saturday."
Read more: https://www.kawartha411.ca/2021/09/12/two-protests-against-covid-measures-held-in-kawartha-lakes-this-weekend/

Small crowd protests COVID-19 vaccine mandates at The Ottawa Hospital |Global News - Craig Lord:
September 13, 2021 - "A small crowd gathered outside The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic campus Monday afternoon as part of a national day of protest at health-care institutions across the country. The demonstrations, put on by a group calling itself Canadian Frontline Nurses, were said to be 'silent vigils' in protest of restrictive COVID-19 measures and in favour of 'health freedom.' Roughly two dozen people gathered peacefully across the street from the Civic campus on Carling Avenue shortly after 2 p.m. A few passing cars honked at the demonstrators, who waved signs with messages such as 'my body, my choice' in protest of vaccination mandates."
Read more: https://globalnews.ca/news/8185961/ottawa-hospital-covid-vaccine-mandate-protests/

About 40 people protest COVID-19 measures behind Saskatoon hospital, are met by counter-demonstration | CBC News - Guy Quenneville:
September 13, 2021 - "A largely unmasked group of about 40 people gathered behind a Saskatoon hospital on Monday to protest measures meant to curb the spread of COVID-19. The silent vigil, alongside other Monday protests across the country, was organized by a group called 'Canadian Frontline Nurses.' According to its website, the group is against 'tyrannical measures and government overreach.' In one video posted to the site, a woman identified as a nurse speaks against mandating children to be masked. The Saskatoon group met in a circle in Kinsmen Park behind City Hospital and stood mostly quiet except for some heated exchanges with a masked man questioning the group about its beliefs.... Kevin Boychuk, the People's Party of Canada candidate for Saskatoon-West, was one of the protesters. 'I think it's important to have the ability of choice, the freedom of choice,' Boychuk said. 'We're seeing an inability for people to exercise their freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines.'"
Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/40-people-saskatoon-covid-measures-hospital-protest-1.6174549

Vaccine card opponents stage another protest outside Vancouver city hall | CTV News - Kendra Mangione:
September 13, 2021 - "Opponents of B.C.'s vaccine card system staged another protest outside Vancouver city hall on Monday, hours after the proof-of-vaccination requirement came into effect. Hundreds of people gathered outside the building in the early afternoon, some carrying signs reading 'No Medical Apartheid' and 'My Body, My Choice' to protest the provincial health officer order barring unvaccinated individuals from non-essential activities such as dining in at restaurants and going to the movies. They also took part in chants of "Freedom!"

"The protest was a fraction of the size of an initial demonstration against the vaccine card system that saw thousands crowd around Vancouver General Hospital earlier this month, but had a similar number of attendees to another held last Wednesday. Organizers of the so-called 'National Health Freedom Movement,' which is behind several simultaneous protests planned across the country on Monday, described the event as a silent vigil to honour those affected by measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. Participants were encouraged to bring flowers, pictures, cards and letters, and to share stories of loss.... Monday's protest was supposed to take place outside of Vancouver General again, but the group made a last-minute decision to move in the face of public criticism."
Read more: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/another-protest-against-b-c-s-vaccine-card-system-planned-in-vancouver-1.5583259

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