Thursday, October 28, 2021

Canadian government employees exempted from vaccine mandates

Look closely, Trudeau's 'mandatory' vax policy isn't what it seems | Toronto Sun - Lorne Gunter: 

October 9, 2021 - "Back on Sept. 28, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said all federal workers would be compelled to get fully vaccinated. 'We are going to ensure the federal public service is vaccinated,' he said. 'There is a clear requirement for vaccination for anyone who works for the federal government.' Except that when Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced the vax policy on Wednesday, there were gaps in it you could drive a semi through....

"The Treasury Board claims that Ottawa employs the equivalent of 300,540 full-time civil servants. About 212,000 of them will be exempt from getting vaccines ... nearly 70% of the federal workforce that won’t be covered.... According to Blacklock’s Reporter: 'Exempted employees include (federal) call centre operators, federal judges, meat inspectors, park wardens, postal workers, tax auditors, Commons and Senate staff,' and members of the armed forces.

"Mounties, Canada Border Services agents and federal prison guards must be fully vaccinated by the end of October or face being placed on unpaid leave by mid-November. But soldiers, sailors and air force personnel are exempt.

"Also excluded from the mandate are any federal employees who work for Crown corporations, such as Canada Post. Right, why should they be vaccinated? They only visit about 40% of the homes in the country and touch the mail of every Canadian who uses a superbox or postal office to pick up their letters and parcels.

"Tax processors and auditors at the Canada Revenue Agency are exempt, as are federal employees who deal directly with the public or employees of departments that are deemed short-staffed by the Trudeau government, so cannot afford to lose any more workers. According to Blacklock’s, that includes call centre operators who process E.I. claims and veterans’ benefits.

"For me, here’s the kicker: The unlucky saps who aren’t exempt, don’t have to provide proof of vaccine. They merely have to fill out an online form claiming to be fully vaccinated or claiming a religious or medical exemption. Canadians not employed by the federal government who want to dine out without a mask or attend a hockey game or live theatre have to provide more rigorous proof of their vaccination status.

"Furthermore, because the Trudeau government wants to look tough, it has said it will not allow unvaccinated civil servants to provide negative test results as an alternative. In practice, though, that means a large portion of Ottawa’s workforce will be neither vaccinated nor regularly tested for COVID-19.

"The worst of both worlds. This is consistent, however, with other alleged 'zero-tolerance' COVID-19 policies from Trudeau. His government’s policy to require all travellers arriving by air to spend at least three days in quarantine (now ended), exempted anyone arriving by private plane or charter, whether vaccinated or not. It exempted students and people claiming to be essential workers. And others could get around the quarantine by paying a fine or by landing at a U.S. airport near the border and taking a taxi across.

"The Trudeau government merely wants to appear and sound serious about tackling COVID-19. It doesn’t really want to do anything."

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