Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gary Johnson’s first GOP debate: “Hey, what about me?”

Gary Johnson’s first GOP debate: “Hey, what about me?” - Rob Nikolewski, May 6, 2011:

"Gary Johnson’s most memorable moment in his first nationally-televised debate of Republican presidential candidates didn’t come from espousing one of his unconventional GOP positions but from a fit of exasperation, accusing the members of the FOX News panel of ignoring him....

"Things didn’t get much better. Near the end of the debate, the panel’s host, Bret Baier, asked Johnson the night’s most off-the-wall question: If you starred in a reality TV show like Donald Trump hosts, what would it be?

“'I’m stumped,' Johnson said after searching for a decent answer.

"It was that kind of night for Johnson, who not only had to compete for attention with four other candidates but also had to find a way to stand out against fellow libertarian Rep. Ron Paul who ran an insurgent campaign in the 2008 presidential campaign and is much better known than Johnson."

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