Thursday, June 16, 2011

CNN Owes Gary Johnson An Apology and A Prime-Time Appearance |

CNN Owes Gary Johnson An Apology and A Prime-Time Appearance | - Luci Morland, June 16, 2011:

"The point of these debates is to introduce candidates and their ideas to Republican primary voters, and let the voters decide whose ideas would best represent them in the election. Eliminating Johnson from contention before the debates defeats the entire purpose of the debates.

"It would be like Major League Baseball deciding the Chicago Cubs were ineligible for the playoffs based on their Spring Training pre-season record. There's a reason baseball teams plays 162 games — to determine who deserves to move on to the playoffs. We don't let ESPN executives sit down at the beginning of the season decide which 8 teams qualify for the baseball playoffs. Why should CNN be afforded that ability for something far more important than baseball?...

"While CNN may not be interested in what Governor Johnson has to say, we at Benzinga think he has a lot to add to the national dialogue, and has a right to be heard. To that end, we will have the governor on Benzinga Radio Wednesday, June 22. Stay tuned to Benzinga for more details."

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