Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why Rand Paul's PATRIOT Act 'loss' was an epic win

Why Rand Paul's Recent "Loss" Was an Epic Win | United Liberty | Free Market - Individual Liberty - Limited Government - Rick Fisk, May 31, 2011:

"Rand’s efforts were unsuccessful if you deem passage of the [USA PATRIOT] Act’s extension the sole measure of success. However, Rand did far more than capture the imagination and attention of the country for a suspenseful 36 hours, 7 of which were spent on the Senate floor.

"Rand’s actions were quite shrewd for someone with so little working experience in Washington. If Rand couldn’t achieve a total sunset of the Patriot Act’s 'temporary' provisions, he would settle on a compromise that would allow Senators to propose and debate amendments, having plenty of his own that would be brought forth.

"Harry Reid, a Senator with far more experience in the art of chicanery, had to work overtime to scuttle the upstart’s efforts. But not without first exposing his intent to keep government power in place, and simultaneously his hypocrisy in carrying water for neoconservative Senate Republicans who didn’t want to openly oppose Paul. Rand won that battle and quite possibly the war, the passage of the act notwithstanding."

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