Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gary Johnson talks straw poll, politics at RAGBRAI | Iowa Caucuses

Gary Johnson talks straw poll, politics at RAGBRAI | Iowa Caucuses, July 30, 2011:

"Gary Johnson knows Iowa. But he understands many Iowans don’t know him. So he’s not surprised he was left off the upcoming Ames Straw Poll ballot. He just thinks he should be included....

"'I’m being excluded. But I’m out here making the case that I should be a front runner,' he said, citing, among other things, his strong record of job creation in New Mexico. Though he’s quick to clarify he doesn’t think he created any jobs. He just created conditions that allowed the private sector there to flourish, he said.

He also made a prediction. 'They’re going to raise the debt ceiling,' he said. 'And our credit will still be downgraded.'

He also knows what he’d do in President Obama’s position. 'I’d veto it,' he said, of any legislation raising the debt ceiling.... And if congress overrode his veto? Johnson, who vetoed 750 bills during two terms as governor of New Mexico, says the U.S. would still end up with a more balanced budget than it would have without his veto."

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