Saturday, July 9, 2011

HuffPo Ties John Birch Society to Ron Paul

HuffPo Ties John Birch Society to Ron Paul - Thomas R. Eddlem, New American, July 9, 2011:

"'Rep. Paul's ideas are so extreme that no sensible voter would give him a second look if it wasn't for the Uncle Fuzzy persona,' HuffPo columnist Andrew Reinbach warned his readers in a July 5 article.... Reinbach then listed some of Rep. Ron Paul's substantial economic libertarian and constitutionalist credentials.... 'Where did Rep. Paul get these ideas? Well, mostly from the seed bank of the John Birch Society. While he's not a member, he's been close to it since at least the 1970s.'...

"The genesis of this kind of left-wing partisan alarmism ... is a burgeoning movement among peace-loving Democrats and liberals of the Dennis Kucinich stripe who are flirting with voting for Ron Paul in 2012.... A new "Democrats for Ron Paul" Facebook page has even been created, in part as a reaction to Obama not fulfilling his promises as the peace candidate in 2008."

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