Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gary Johnson 'the marijuana guy' takes 2012 pitch to L.A. -

Gary Johnson 'the marijuana guy' takes 2012 pitch to L.A. - - Kate Linthicum:

Nov. 3, 2011 - "An advocate of small-government and tax reform that would tax consumption, instead of income, Johnson’s libertarian leanings have drawn comparisons to Ron Paul, whom he endorsed for president in 2008.

"But he is best-known nationally for his stance on marijuana.

"Johnson has been calling for the legalization of the drug since 1999, during his second term as governor. He says he smoked marijuana recreationally when he was younger, and used it more recently to help with the pain after a paragliding accident in 2005. Wherever he goes, Johnson says, people point and say: 'That’s the marijuana guy.'

"But he says he’s OK with that, since many Americans support looser drug policies. In a recent magazine interview, Johnson said marijuana smokers may be 'the largest untapped voting bloc in the country.'"

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