Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gary Johnson Launches First TV Ad - Hit & Run :

Gary Johnson Launches First TV Ad Touting His Dovish Foreign Policy - Hit & Run : - Garrett Quinn:

October 25, 2012 - "With less than two weeks remaining until the presidential election, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson is airing an ad in select markets touting his dovish approach to relations with Iran. In the ad Johnson speaks over a computer simulation of a drone strike before speaking directly to the camera, imploring viewers to “Be Libertarian with me for one election.”

"Johnson’s campaign wouldn’t specify how much the ad buy is costing them but did say they have another ad that does not deal with foreign policy that will go up in select markets in the coming days....
The Johnson campaign bought air time in the libertarianish mountain west states of New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Montana and Idaho, as well as more left leaning territory like Vermont and Washington, D.C."

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