Monday, October 8, 2012

Kuntz: Let Johnson in - The Daily Iowan

Kuntz: Let Johnson in - The Daily Iowan - Katie Kuntz:

October 8, 2012 - "Last week, two presidential candidates debated solutions for the economy, the budget, and health care — but theirs are not the only solutions.

"Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is also running for president as a libertarian, but the National Commission on Presidential Debates excluded him from the debate. Now, he is suing the commission for the chance to debate and share his solutions with the nation.

"Johnson’s exclusion does not only affect his campaign, it hurts American voters.

"Allowing for a third voice highlights the alternatives to the Democratic and Republican solutions. Voters need to step up and demand the commission to let Johnson debate.

"The polarization of the American electorate has done nothing to improve the nation. The gridlock of leadership has left voters with an 11-year war, high unemployment, an ever-increasing budget deficit, and uncertainty for the future of health care, the economy, and education.

"It’s time for someone who is neither red nor blue to offer some solutions."

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