Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Libertarian men make "terrific relationship material"

The Problem With Libertarian Women is Not Libertarian Men - The Daily Beast - Megan McArdle, Asymmetrical Information:

January 8,, 2013 - "I have dated a bunch of libertarian guys . . . and a bunch of liberal guys . . . and a few social conservatives for good measure. And I'm here to report that libertarians make terrific relationship material....

"Full disclosure: I am biased.  Some of my best friends are libertarian men, and I even married one.  Nonetheless, I'd like to issue a memo to pundits: the personal is not political.  Even if we accept the absurd notion that it is the blackest sort of selfishness to oppose taxing away someone else's money in order to give it to a third party, that belief wouldn't tell you anything about their personal behavior....

My personal empirical research indicates that in fact, libertarians make great boyfriends and husbands (though my sample size on the latter is pretty small).  The ones I've dated have actually been super considerate, and very concerned with pulling their own weight, though I couldn't say whether this is random chance, or the natural outgrowth of a value system that emphasizes voluntary, mutually beneficial cooperation.  I will say that it is unusually easy to divide chores with someone who favors simple, rules-based systems for cooperation.  "

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