Sunday, August 4, 2013

Libertarian Party's Vera Kichanova wins municipal office in Russia

Vera Kichanova: Russia's Opposition Must Go Bold, Even In Starting Small - Richard Solash, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty:

July 20, 2013 - "Meet Vera Kichanova, a young woman whose hipster garb belies her maturity, and whose fresh complexion has become one of the faces of the new generation of political opposition in Russia.

"Kichanova, a journalist for the liberal news website Slon, was elected as a municipal deputy in Moscow's Yuzhnoye Tushino district in March 2012. A member of Russia's tiny Libertarian Party, she had campaigned on a ticket of transparency and democratic principles.

"She concedes that her post is one that most Muscovites don't even know exists, but Russia observers and Kichanova alike say her election carries outsize importance. In a country where challenges to the establishment are routinely quashed and officials are usually installed, she says the opposition must be bold when it can – but must also focus on making small political inroads."

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