Saturday, August 17, 2013

Libertarian Populism and Its critics

Libertarian Populism and Its Critics - - Ross Douthat:

August 16, 2013 - "Retreating to a federalist, relatively-latitudinarian stance on gay marriage and marijuana, for instance, would take the [Republican] party a step closer to the emerging millennial-generation consensus on those issues. Doubting the wisdom of foreign aid and foreign interventions places the libertarian populists squarely in the center of post-Iraq War public opinion. And the libertarian enthusiasm for criminal-justice reform offers a potential bridge to minority communities that have sound historical reasons to distrust Republicans....

"The ... Obama era has featured a clash of interests in which the winners from liberalism’s preferred policies are just as likely to be insiders of various sorts — well-salaried bureaucrats, even-better-salaried contractors, employers who want low wages and energy companies with the right lobbyists – as they are to be either the middle class writ large or the genuinely disadvantaged."

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