Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Independents grow, Democrats and Republicans fall in U.S.

Independents grow, Democrats and Republicans fall - West Palm Beach Libertarian | - Karl Dickey:

January 9, 2014 -: "According to a new Gallup Poll out yesterday, January 8, 2014, the number of Americans identifying as independent has increased to 42% of the population while those identifying themselves as ... Democrat has decreased 13.8% since 2008 to ... 31%. Republicans have fared worse with only 25% of the population - the lowest on record according to Gallup. The poll was conducted over the course of 2013 and the result of over 18,000 interviews....

"This is a trend that has been continuing and will have a serious affect on future elections. Florida will elect a new governor this November and with a decrease of support by voters for Rick Scott or Charlie Crist, it could be a huge opportunity for lesser known Adrian Wyllie. Scott has been polarizing for Floridians and Crist has shown himself to be a man without conviction, so Floridians are seeking an alternative and Wyllie may just be that man."

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