Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rand-oriented economics professor to primary House Leader Cantor

Eric Cantor’s Challenger from the Right | National Review Online - Betsy Woodruff:

January 6, 2014: "An economics professor from Henrico, Va., Dave Brat, will announce his entry into the race for Eric Cantor’s House seat on January 9.... 'I want to be Eric Cantor’s term limit,' he tells National Review Online....

"He ... intends to target Cantor for his support of the Ryan–Murray budget deal, as well as his stances on immigration reform. He’ll also go after the majority leader on the Affordable Care Act. 'He hasn’t moved the ball down the field at all,' Brat says.

"'He had two CRs at the end, one in favor of the shutdown and one opposed to the shutdown at the same time,' Brat continues. 'And that’s fairly symbolic of unprincipled leadership. I mean, that’s not a leadership position, where you’re on Side A and Side B at the same time and you’ve got your finger up in the air, checking which way the wind is blowing.'

"Brat’s background should make him especially appealing to conservative organizations. He chairs the department of economics and business at Randolph-Macon College and heads its BB&T Moral Foundations of Capitalism program. The funding for the program came from John Allison, the former CEO of BB&T (a financial-services company) who now heads the Cato Institute. The two share an affinity for Ayn Rand:...

"Brat can expect backing from much of the Virginia grassroots, especially the libertarian and tea-party activists who have long been frustrated with the state party’s leaders.... Brat received a warm welcome at the last Richmond Tea Party meeting."

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