Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LP candidate wants SC to be next state to legalize marijuana

Libertarian gubernational candidate Steve French is left of the Dems, right of the GOP | Features | Charleston City Paper - Paul Bowers:

April 23, 2014 - "For social liberals in South Carolina, the state Democratic Party can be kind of a letdown. Entrenched in red territory, its current nominee for governor, Vincent Sheheen, won't even come out in favor of marriage equality.

"Enter gubernatorial candidate Steve French, a pro-choice, pro-marriage-equality candidate who adamantly believes South Carolina should be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana use. If you want a social liberal in the Governor's Mansion next year, here's your guy.

"French is the Libertarian Party candidate, though, so he also holds some aggressively conservative views on fiscal matters. He likes school vouchers, for example, and he wants to replace income and corporate taxes with an across-the-board 7 percent sales tax with no tax breaks or incentives....

"'We have Republicans that talk about smaller government, but they'll kick your door in because you're playing a poker game,' French says. 'We've got the Democratic Party that talks about individual liberty, but then they want to unload all these taxes on us at the same time.'"

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