Friday, April 11, 2014

Rand Paul raises $1.6 million in first quarter of 2014

Rand Paul raises $1.6 million in first quarter of 2014 - Robert Costa, Post Politics, Washington Post:

"As he builds a grass-roots political operation in 50 states ahead of a potential 2016 presidential run, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is also courting longtime Republican Party benefactors, collecting funds for his political-action committee and his 2016 Senate campaign. In the first quarter of this year, those two groups collectively raised $1.6 million, according to sources familiar with Paul’s financial report.

"Paul’s haul includes $1.1 million for Rand Paul 2016, the freshman senator’s reelection campaign, and about $500,000 for Rand PAC, his political-action committee, which pays for Paul’s extensive political travel and supports like-minded Republicans. These figures are similar to Paul’s fundraising numbers from the fourth quarter of last year, when his Senate campaign raised more than $1 million....

"In the coming months, Paul will continue to raise money and make stops in early primary states as a dry run before potentially launching a presidential campaign next year, hosting fundraisers and seeking support. This weekend, he will be in New Hampshire, appearing a conservative summit, and he will be in Iowa in June for the state GOP convention.

"For the moment, Paul is consistently at or near the top in polling. A CNN/ORC International survey in March found that 16 percent of Republicans and independents who lean Republican were likely to support him, putting him at the front of the Republican field. Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.), the 2012 GOP vice-presidential nominee, was second, at 15 percent."

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