Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oregon GOP intervenes in internal LP dispute

GoLocalPDX | Showdown: Libertarian and GOP Battle for Control of Right Wing - Shelby Sebens:

October 30, 2014 - "The Oregon Republican Party earlier this month filed an Amicus Curiae brief (Latin for friend of the court) appealing the Clackamas County Circuit Court’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit brought against Libertarian Party Chairman Wes Wagner and other members of the LPO. The suit was filed against Wagner by fellow Libertarian and Washington County Libertarian Party Chairman Richard Burke.

"The lawsuit, dismissed last May, claimed that Wagner and others broke the party’s bylaws when selecting recent party leaders and candidates.

"But Wagner and others say the Republican’s appeal in the case is proof that the GOP is trying to strong-arm its way into the Libertarian Party.

"'The recent Amicus brief really represents them stepping out of the shadows and turning rumor and innuendo into something less deniable,' he said. “It is just absolutely clear at this point, beyond any doubt, that they are attempting vassalage.'

"But Burke, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said the claim is baseless.

"'This is a black helicopter, ridiculous conspiracy theory,' Burke said. He argued the real problem is the inability of some Libertarian to follow the party’s own guidelines....

"Wagner’s group argues that in addition to the brief filed by the Republican Party, Burke’s support of a Republican candidate in Hillsboro, is telling.

"Burke sent a letter to Libertarians in House District 30 stating his support for Republican candidate Dan Mason. That would[n't] be so bad if the Libertarians weren't running their own candidation, Kyle Markley.

"Burke said the way in which Markley was nominated, his position could be subject to a legal challenge."

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