Friday, October 17, 2014

Time: Paul is 'most interesting man in politics'

Kentucky's Rand Paul on TIME cover as "the most interesting man in politics" - James R. Carroll, Louisville Courier-Journal:

October 17, 2014 - "After he was elected to the Senate in 2010, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul shared a TIME magazine cover with some other tea-party members of Congress.

"Then in 2013, Paul was one of the '100 most influential people' to share alternating TIME covers.

"Now, he's back on TIME again, and he's all by himself, a measure of how the Republican lawmaker has emerged as – well, the title of the story says it all: 'The Most Interesting Man in Politics.'

"Paul, of course, is a potential 2016 GOP presidential contender, and polls show him leading or near the top of his party's field of would-be candidates.

The senator has admitted he is considering a run, but won't make a decision until early next year....

"The accompanying story, by Michael Scherer, is titled 'The Reinventions of Rand Paul. Can He Fix What Ails the GOP?'.... Scherer details Paul's 'radical ambition,' saying that the senator is offering himself as 'a visionary determined to reinvent the conservative Republican story line.'

"Paul's unconventional positions against limiting ballot access and restoring rights to nonviolent felons are separating him from his potential GOP competitors, the story notes."

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