Friday, January 16, 2015

Former news publisher to run for NC governor

Former Denver newspaper publisher announces bid for governor as Libertarian | Lincoln Times-News:

January 5, 2015 - "An East Lincoln resident has announced plans to run as a Libertarian candidate in North Carolina’s 2016 gubernatorial race.

"Ken Fortenberry, former publisher of the weekly news@norman newspaper, informed media outlets of his decision to run in a press release Tuesday afternoon. His political platform includes calling for a significant decrease in state income taxes, lowering the state’s legal drinking age and ceasing legislative and legal efforts in the War on Drugs.

"If elected, he plans to reduce North Carolina personal income taxes by 50 percent over the span of five years, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the tax entirely. 'If Tennessee, Texas, Florida and six other states can operate without a personal income tax, surely we can do half of that in North Carolina,' Fortenberry wrote.

"In his eyes, returning the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 is long overdue. 'If a person is old enough to go to war and possibly die for this country, that person is old enough to buy a beer…. North Carolina should lead the nation in telling the federal government to mind its own business in issues such as this,' he said.

"Although Fortenberry wrote that he has never consumed an illegal drug, he believes that the time has come to accept the War on Drugs has served as a “costly failure that has ruined millions of lives by labeling otherwise law-abiding citizens as criminals.'"

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