Thursday, January 15, 2015

2Chainz makes libertarian case for legal pot (video)

2Chainz Scores Libertarian Points in Legal Pot Debate with Nancy Grace - Hit & Run :

January 14, 2015 - "Rapper 2Chainz debated the subjects of marijuana legalization and drug culture with Nancy Grace on her show last night. He dressed his argument for legal pot in the language of personal responsibility, leading The Atlantic's David Graham to semi-jokingly hail him as a 'conservative icon.' But conservatives should back off; it's the libertarians who have a claim on this provocative hip hop artist.

2Chainz's performances are indeed laden with drug imagery, and he appears to smoke pot in his music videos. To Grace's slight credit, she didn't accuse 2Chainz of being personally irresponsible with drugs or putting his own children in danger. Rather, her argument was that his promotion of drug culture would lead other people to abuse drugs and hurt themselves and their families.

But right off the bad, 2Chainz tossed that argument out in awesome libertarian fashion:
I don't think you could put an umbrella on the whole community [of drug users]... I just feel like everybody should basically take care of their own... so it's about governing your own household, it's about taking care of your own property, it's about having some kind of structure.
"Like a true libertarian, he also went after the drug war, criticizing marijuana prohibition as a costly failure with many ill social effects.... 2Chainz also fretted that drug investigations were a waste of taxpayer dollars—something he knows from personal experience."

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