Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cops bust NH man for crack(er crumbs)

Cops Thought This Guys Cracker Crumbs Were Crack... Now They're Going To Pay - Austin Peterson, Libertarian Republic:

June 4, 2015 - "John Cokos will receive $35,000 from police after they arrested him, mistaking his cracker crumbs for cocaine.

"Cokos was stopped by police for suspicious activity when they saw him recording them with his camera. Officers demanded he stop recording, and when he refused he was forced against a guard rail and searched.

"Authorities performing a search found some wax paper on Cokos, and when they opened it they saw cracker crumbs, which they mistook for crack cocaine....

"Cokos was then arrested for possession of drugs and taken to the police station for booking whereupon his arrival, police managed to determine that the material in his possession was a sleeve of crackers. Cokos was then charged with obstructing the administration of the law.

"After a trial, Cokos was found not guilty and offered a settlement of $35k. Part of that settlement involves the police not admitting to any wrongdoing."

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