Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Libertarian runs for mayor of Bogotá, Colombia (interview)

Bogotá's First Ever Libertarian for Mayor Takes On the Kleptocrats - Sabrina Martin, Pan-Am Post:

June 10, 2015 - "Daniel Raisbeck is a young libertarian with a clear conception of the meaning of independence, change, and freedom. After three years directing the Historical Archive of Our Lady of the Rosary University, he’s now set his sights on becoming mayor of Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city, with a population set to reach 7.9 million inhabitants in 2015.

"When running for Colombia’s House of Representatives as a conservative candidate in 2014, Raisbeck found that it was impossible to reform the traditional parties. This time, he’s campaigning on a libertarian ticket.

"In an interview with the PanAm Post, the would-be mayor of Colombia’s capital talked about his proposals to shake up the leaden and wasteful municipal system. Once Raisbeck secures the mandatory 50,000 signatures in support, he says he’ll bring all Bogotanos a unique and different vision in the hands of the Libertarian Party.

"What does Daniel Raisbeck offer Bogotanos, in comparison with the other candidates?

"The first thing to say is that in Colombia, the political class is composed of traditional politicians, who despite their good intentions only understand politics from the state’s point of view. So whatever the party, they always think that more taxes are necessarily a good thing, that public spending is good, or that the state can solve every problem. The majority of people know that the state is very inefficient, it doesn’t work in the majority of cases.

"We want to bring the world of functioning digital technology to the District of Bogotá.

"We have a movement which doesn’t come from politics nor from the state. It comes from the general public, from academia and from the private sector, and we think that working people manage money better.

"We believe that money is better in its owners’ pockets than in the hands of centralized bureaucrats that only misspend it.

"We believe there ought to be fewer taxes in Colombia and less bureaucracy. This is the general philosophy of the libertarian movement."

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