Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3 Libertarians running for Clarksville, IN, council

3 Libertarian candidates plan to run in Clarksville council race - News and Tribune: News:

July 21, 2015 - "Clark County’s Libertarian party has three candidates running for Clarksville Town Council this election cycle — the most that Party Chairman Kelley Curran can remember since becoming involved with the Libertarian Party around 2000.

"Russell Brooksbank, who also is the vice chairman for the Clark County Libertarian Party, is running for office himself as a District 2 candidate for Clarksville Town Council. Greg Hertzch is running for District 1 and Thomas Keister recently joined the race as a District 3 candidate....

"Brooksbank attributed the large number of Libertarian candidates this cycle to a new strategy from the party that focuses on local politics.

"'I think in order for people to trust us with the big things, they have to learn to trust us with the little things,' he said.

"The Libertarian Party believes that the government’s only role is to help defend individuals, and that each person has a right to control their own 'body, action, speech and property'.... This philosophy extends from national to local politics.

"'I think a Libertarian candidate brings smaller government to the town council,' said Brooksbank. 'I think just about everything that [the Clarksville Town Council is] doing is all about growing government and growing government’s interaction in our lives, and a Libertarian candidate will reduce that.'"

Read more: http://www.newsandtribune.com/news/libertarian-candidates-plan-to-run-in-clarksville-council-race/article_2cad401c-2f3b-11e5-bf44-0f13ec157101.html
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