Thursday, July 2, 2015

LP of Canada suspends candidate Lauren Southern

Canadian Libertarians in Revolt After Party Leadership Suspends Anti-Feminist Candidate Lauren Southern - Breitbart - Allum Bokhari:

July 2, 2015 - "The Libertarian Party of Canada is in turmoil following the bizarre suspension of Lauren Southern, one of the party’s most visible and popular candidates, at the behest of a small group of aggrieved feminist activists....

"Southern, a libertarian activist and commentator for The Rebel Media, rose to global prominence last month when a video emerged of her challenging feminist campaigners at a 'Slutwalk' demonstration in Vancouver.

"The footage showed her holding up a sign proclaiming 'there is no rape culture in the west' and telling feminists at the protest that far from being protected, rapists in western countries tended to be prosecuted and jailed.

"[Some] activists responded furiously, calling Southern a 'bitch,' physically assaulting her and her cameraman, and ripping up her placard. She later faced a campaign of online slander which she was forced to respond to on her YouTube channel. Feminists then began to email the Libertarian Party, asking them to suspend Southern as a candidate.

"But Southern’s lone-soldier activism struck a chord. The initial video of her challenge to feminist protesters was watched over 750,000 times.... Feminist scholar Christina Hoff Sommers applauded Southern’s activism, calling her a 'fabulous young woman.' Freddy Gray, deputy editor of The Spectator, said she should be 'given a medal' for her efforts.... 'We need more women like Southern,' wrote Ella Whelan, a writer for the British libertarian magazine Spiked Online. 'Lauren Southern – 2, Feminists – 0,' concluded Laura Meyers of the website Libertarian Republic....

"I asked party leader Tim Moen to explain his reasons for suspending Southern.... According to Moen, Southern’s actions had 'broken message discipline' and undermined the party’s efforts to 'connect hearts and minds to the message of liberty and achieve a tipping point of 10% of the population adopting an unshakable belief in Liberty'....

"According to sources within the party, the new 'hearts and minds' ... strategy is championed by Rehan Basson, the Party President, Mark Burnison, Vice President for Political Action, and David Clement, Vice President for Communication.... As footage of Southern’s protest at the Vancouver Slutwalk began to spread, these three began lobbying Tim Moen to remove her as a candidate. Basson in particular is said to 'hate' Southern for her criticism of feminist narratives and pressed for her removal as a candidate as soon as she saw the video."

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