Monday, November 2, 2015

'Keenevention' draws liberty activists

'Keenevention' draws libertarian activists | New Hampshire - Meghan Pierce, Manchester Union-Leader:

November 1, 2015 - "Liberty activists flocked to the third annual "Keenevention" over the weekend.

"Bringing a female perspective to the event was the Ladies Panel hosted by Renee Kate, host of radio show Seditious Sirens. Katie McCall of Stone Manor, Ellen Ball of Puke and the Gang podcast and Ann Leverette of Seditious Sirens sat on the panel.

"The panelists talked about their experiences moving from other parts of the country to New Hampshire to be part of the Free State Project.

"The Free State project is a movement to get 20,000 libertarians to agree to move to New Hampshire.

"According to its website, the Free State Project is at 88 percent of its goal. When it reaches 20,000, any participants who haven’t already moved to New Hampshire are expected to make the move....

“I think we’re at 88 percent on the way to 20,000,” Leverette said. “So in five years I think that we’ll be at our goal. I think we’ll be triggering the move.”

"The next five years will be an exciting time for liberty activists, she said....

"As the mother of teenagers, McCall said she is excited to see the next generation of libertarians in New Hampshire.

“I think the biggest change is going to come with the second generation because I am blown away at the idea of all of these kids being raised with these philosophies and being around libertarians the whole time. That generation is going to be awesome, so I’m super excited to see my kids hanging out with other libertarians’ kids and the teenagers and the questions they are asking and the way they are approaching life and the way they are approaching each other in their interactions,' McCall said.

"Keenevention and Free Keene blog founder Ian Freeman organized the event again this year.

"The three-day convention included a panel of state legislators and panels on Bitcoin, New Hampshire secession, jury nullification and moving to New Hampshire.

"Keynote speakers included Libertarian presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry."

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