Saturday, November 21, 2015

Barrie Examiner won't print pro-capitalist column

Paolo Fabrizio, a Libertarian who writes a regular opinion column in the Barrie Examiner, has had his latest column pulled. It's reprinted in full below, with permission.
Fabrizio comments: "Once again the left socialists pigs win , they managed to shut down my column by blasting the paper with so many anti-liberty emails the paper bows down. My column will not be printed this week because I'm such a bad guy who hates the climate, earth and tax stealing. Here is my column that was supposed to be in today's paper, you read it and judge for yourself. Please comment so I know where I went wrong with it and if you feel like emailing the paper to complain about me or to support me go ahead. "
As of press time, the Examiner has not responded to a request for comment.

Capitalism key to freedom
by Paolo Fabrizio

I never fight with anyone; that’s what separates me from the left socialist green communists.

If you don’t agree with any of my ideas or beliefs I’m fine with that. I love sharing ideas and listening to ideas, but what distinguishes a capitalist like me from a communist socialist green is that I never want to force my ideas on you.

I would never think I’m so perfect and my ideas are so righteous that the government should use the power of the gun or law to force you to believe me.

I can handle you not agreeing with me, but I dare you to try and confront a left socialist communist green and go against what they are force-feeding you. I dare you!

The LSGC (left socialist green communist) will attack you, will claim that you are a racist or a homophobe or that you are an idiot for believing in God or creation. They will come at you in numbers with loud, angry faces demanding that you give up your right to any self-thought or free speech.

Yes, the LSGC will make you feel bad for having a mortgage and a bank account and a job, at the same time they are talking on their iPhone or checking the time on their iWatch and driving around in their German imported cars.

Yes, the LSGC wants you to feel ashamed for loving your family; heck they want you to be ashamed that you actually have a family and that you’re calling your son, your son and your daughter, your daughter. How dare you.

It’s getting tougher and tougher surviving nowadays, with the cost of living soaring and the cost of trying to keep your family sheltered, clothed and fed that it takes both husband and wife working everyday just to make ends meet.

How does your government respect you, how does your government show appreciation for your hard-earned tax dollars? They give it away to people that don’t deserve it or haven’t contributed anything to society.

Now the LSGC will say that working for years on creating a music CD is a contribution to the community, and will also claim that giving tax money to these well-deserved artists will be a benefit to society. They will also force you to believe that these music projects bring culture to us, because you know that without these artists taking our money we would be left with no culture. That’s to say we are culture-less without them.

Many of these so called musical artists that sit around all day working on their music feel that capitalists like myself are the evil demons of the world. Without this devil working all night long, I wouldn’t be able to keep seven employees employed. Without this devil keeping these employees employed, there would be no tax collected and with no tax collected the government wouldn’t have any money to give away to LSGC wannabe musical artists.

I’m a capitalist and I show my displeasure or happiness with my money.

If I don’t like a company’s environmental policy or how they treat their employees, I will not patronize them with my business. If they want my business it’s my capitalist money that will get them to change, not some forced government policy.

Capitalism is what keeps this country great and it’s capitalism that will move it forward to bring better healthcare, better workers’ rights, and it’s capitalism that gets companies and people to change.
So if you think your LSGC beliefs will bring you prosperity, just look into the ocean.

I have never seen people escaping capitalism on plastic bottle rafts to head over to a socialist paradise.


  1. Very well stated and really quite moderate being a statement of informed opinion containing a lot of inherent truth; unfortunately not politically correct in a culture, especially the media, more concerned with perceived image and satisfying the masses of brain-dead "zombies" out there, who are undoubtedly among the delusional who wouldn't know whether they were voting for red, green or anything in between.

  2. Too many of us wait to be told what to like or not to like. I've always felt that the big banks would get the message if we simply put all our hard earned savings into a tin can, instead of letting them use the funds to reap record profits. The banks need to learn that they are here for us and not the other way around. Just try asking for a loan when you have NO credit cards or line of credit, or debt.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with all of us, we have to keep reminding ourselves that there is people out there that want to take our liberties away. Keep up the fight.