Monday, February 1, 2016

Ron & Rand Paul campaign together caucus eve

Ron Paul spreads message of liberty for son Rand - Kim Norvell, Des Moines Register:

February 1, 2016 "Twenty-four hours before the first-in-the-nation vote, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul made a final push for liberty, saying it’s the only thing that 'can bring people together.'

"The three-time presidential candidate appeared in front of one of his son’s larger crowds in Iowa. He encouraged voters to ignore the polls and 'send a message' on Monday that an 'irate minority' can make a difference....

"Other Republican candidates argue for bigger government, but Rand Paul will 'work toward a freer society' that gives Americans back their basic rights and 'the fruits of their labor,' Ron Paul said. Rand Paul's message of free market economics, criminal justice reform and a “sensible” foreign policy will work to bring the country together, he said.

"Ron Paul spoke for about 20 minutes at the University of Iowa before introducing his son to the campaign-estimated crowd of about 1,500. Rand Paul spoke in front of two teleprompters, an unusual move for the Kentucky senator, who typically stays unscripted on the trail.

"Paul tailored his message to those students he calls 'the leave-me-alone generation.' His liberty-themed speech focused on the ideas of a small government that does not collect phone records, reduces the number of laws and regulations and honors the entire Bill of Rights.

"Paul said Democrats and Republicans 'infringe on civil liberties' and 'assault' the Bill of Rights: the left on the right to bear arms and the right on the right to privacy....

"In October, the campaign announced it had set out to get 10,000 Iowa students to caucus for Rand Paul on Monday. Cliff Maloney, the national youth director, said Sunday it has reached that goal."

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