Sunday, February 7, 2016

Should/can libertarians support Cruz? (1) No

Ted Cruz Doesn't Deserve Libertarian Support - J. Wilson, A Libertarian Future:

March 23, 2015 - "Unfortunately, fighting against Obama’s agenda is about all the small government that Ted Cruz is interested in. While he has made the stand against ethanol subsidies, a precarious move in Iowa, there are few other mainstream GOP positions he doesn’t hold. Like most conservative Tea Party Republicans, Ted Cruz is about half way there when it comes to liberty.

"Let’s start with the good.... Cruz is for a flat tax, eliminating the IRS, and auditing the Fed. He’s for fully repealing Obamacare, and for passing a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget. He’s for auditing and eliminating federal agencies. He’s against the TSA, and the NDAA. He’s even against raising the minimum wage, and for privatizing Social Security. Those are all fiscally conservative positions that libertarians already support....

"Then we have the issues where Ted Cruz is in the middle. He’s for military interventionism abroad, but he’s against sending U.S. ground troops. He rightfully opposes new net neutrality regulation, and the internet sales tax, but doesn’t seem concerned about the NSA. He’s almost there, but not quite. These issues show, however, that Ted Cruz is for government in some areas, a dangerous precedent.

"That leads to the reasons why Ted Cruz doesn’t deserve libertarian support. First and foremost, Ted Cruz is for the drug war.... How can Ted Cruz believe in states’ rights, if he’s for violating them so brutally with the unconstitutional war on drugs? After all, it’s Cruz’s belief in states’ rights that lead him to propose legislation that would allow states to set their own marriage laws, i.e. ban gay marriage within their borders....

"Furthermore, as previously mentioned, Ted Cruz hasn’t done anything to reign in the NSA, or privacy rights. In fact, Ted Cruz co-sponsored a bill for the extension of the Patriot Act, that speaks volumes. In addition, Cruz hasn’t spoken about protecting our civil liberties regarding civil asset forfeiture. He seems to be turning a blind eye to social issues, which libertarians know are just as important as fiscal issues....

"Cruz is a conservative Republican that has not shown enough interest in applying liberty to important issues that libertarians care about. Therefore, Ted Cruz does not deserve libertarian support."

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