Friday, April 1, 2016

Libertarian POTUS candidates debate Apr. 1 & 8

John Stossel: Is there a better choice than Trump or Clinton? | New Hampshire Union Leader:

March 31, 2016 - "A recent poll shows that if the election were held today, 11 percent of Americans would vote for a Libertarian, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson.... I assume the Libertarian total will go higher, since most poll respondents had no opinion about Johnson. They probably don’t know who he is.

"They can learn more by watching my Fox Business Network show April 1 and April 8. On those days, I’ll air a debate among the three leading Libertarian candidates. They are Johnson, software businessman John McAfee and The Libertarian Republic founder Austin Petersen. The Party will choose its nominee at the Libertarian convention in Orlando, Fla., over Memorial Day weekend....

"Libertarians want limited government, one that doesn’t mess around in your personal life or try to run the economy.

"Gary Johnson ... has a track record. The governor cut red tape and the number of government workers in New Mexico. He vetoed 750 bills and used a line-item veto to cut thousands of other items. He lowered New Mexico’s taxes and balanced the budget.... Now, as a Libertarian presidential candidate, he warns 'the idea that we can somehow balance the federal budget without cutting military spending and reforming entitlements is fantasy.”

"John McAfee calls government 'corrupt' and “technologically illiterate.' He says he’ll push a policy of 'privacy, freedom and technology'.... He wants to reduce government’s domestic role to policing disputes and otherwise let people engage in trade, including drug sales. He says our military role overseas should be reduced so that we interfere less in the affairs of other nations.

"Austin Petersen, like many libertarians, describes himself as 'fiscally conservative and socially tolerant.' He proposes a 1 percent spending reduction in all government programs and a simple flat tax, and he would let young people opt out of Social Security.... Unlike some Libertarians, Petersen says he is pro-life.

"You might be surprised to hear that there is division among Libertarians on issues like abortion. This Friday and next you can watch how these candidates handle the differences....  I’m sure the Libertarians’ answers will make more sense than those we hear from Trump and Clinton."

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