Friday, April 22, 2016

Sarvis endorses Gary Johnson for LP nomination

Robert Sarvis endorses Gary Johnson for president | Independent Political Report - Krzysztof Lesiak:

April 1, 2016 - "Robert Sarvis, the record-setting Libertarian statewide vote-getter today endorsed fmr. New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party’s (LP) presidential nomination. The endorsement was released via a post on Sarvis’ Facebook page.

"Sarvis earned record-setting mainstream media coverage and vote-totals for governor of Virginia, 2013’s nationally-watched statewide election. (Sarvis won 146,084 votes, or 6.52% .)

"The vote Gov. Johnson earned in 2012 as the LP’s presidential candidate also set a Libertarian Party record for the highest popular vote won in the party’s electoral history.

"In making his endorsement, Sarvis cited Johnson’s experience as a two-term fiscally responsible governor of New Mexico, and his ability to earn wide mainstream media coverage, through which he can reach and win the votes of libertarian-leaning Americans. Sarvis said....
"This year presents the LP with the rarest of opportunities — conditions are both favorable and grand. Presidential elections demand the utmost excellence in a nominee, because the scrutiny is withering and the stakes are so high.

"Only Gary Johnson has the resume, the experience, and the credibility to combine with our party’s inspiring message of peace, prosperity, and freedom.

"He has a fundamentally libertarian outlook and a track record of furthering libertarian goals in office. He has a realistic and likeable approach to politics that attracts open-minded voters to a libertarian message. And he has the kind of credibility that cannot be bought or faked, that can only be earned through admirable personal and professional achievements.

"It has nothing to do with 92% v. 95% agreement on libertarian bona fides — all our candidates are pretty darned libertarian. But we Libertarians must pick our battles wisely. And our nominee must proselytize for freedom to non-Libertarians, speaking their language, not ours, and attracting them on their terms, not ours.

"When I look at the field of candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination, only one stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that’s Gary Johnson."
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